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  1. ranger is forced into using zerk amulet to do dmg like its been doing, the issue isn't ranger, the issue is zerk amulet lol, plus since using zerk ammy its a free kill for most high burst classes, rev, dp thief, the HIGH AMOUNTS OF CC from necro, condi rev, tempest, i don't think ranger needs further nerfs tbh. half the time in order for SB to get the bursts it wants you need to use most of your utility skills, and for core, if you don't hit your Maul your pet doesn't do the insane dmg, there are plenty of ways to work around the pet for certain classes. ranger is really only a solid side node
  2. my question for you then, im playing a Rev atm, 2 of my skills are absolutely useless which is fine whatever, but with the changes to rev recently i cant even get out of the static aura, i got CC locked for just about 3 seconds and had my Cd's reset 4-5 diff times even after burning all my stun breaks, in this kind of a scenario what should i be attempting to do? ive never really seen these kind of CC's before so this is quite new to me
  3. i guess i see why they are a thing to a certain point, but honestly with the lack of team stab stacking abilities vs how many unevadeable/unblockable CC's there are in the game does anyone else think they should be looked at ? i was in a match the other night with some friends we had 2 guards running the guard skill that pulses stab just to try to counter it and even with 2 guards using there abilities to keep stab up as long as possible we still got CCed to death by these abilities. idk if its just me now knowing how to counter it or what but if its just me NOT knowing how to counter it is th
  4. Hey all, not to sure if this is SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN or not, but its only been happening with the recent updates for me anyways, things like Rev s3 and staff 5, Thief spin to win, ranger smoke assault, "these are just things ive played" are being interrupted by Eles and other class CC skills, not sure why or how this is a thing when your literally Evading? is it a bug? or is this actually a thing now? the only class i can really see this being a thing that should happen would be DH spear of justice being that your already tethered but the others like Shocking aura i dont really understand,
  5. So i made a build for PvP/WvW seems to do decent kind of does the same thing Core does, where you pet swap into Gazelle and burst with maul, but adding the Glyph of Equality makes it a guaranteed hit and is fun to play with I've memed quite a lot of people but that is really all it can do, i never got to play druid as I'm newer to the game only started playing since 1 year after PoF released and wanted to give druid a try as i am a ranger enthusiast through and through :) Anyways , it seems one of the only ways to play druid effectively is to use staff and if you don't your builds practically
  6. Thank you all for the comments, i didnt even think to look for past posts about this Danikat answered everything i had questions for :)
  7. Hellooo so if you do not know who i am yet most people call me Tryfox, or Fox, im a youtube content creator and have recently started doing twitch for Gw2... the other night i was streaming and i mentioned something about Cantha. Someone had told me Anet may never take Gw2 to Cantha because the culture Cantha was based on did'nt want to allow that is this true? id be very sad if we never got to return to the beautiful place.
  8. ah i see, yea this was jsut the first thing that popped into my head when i was seeing this guy, it was almost like the NPC's that would take you to a battle field for Gw1 going to one of the two factions a man can dream </3 :P
  9. okay okay i know this is REALLY far fetched but hear me out, with the addition of the new suspicious traveler it got me thinking, WHAT IF this is there way of incorporating some type of "Alliance Battle" system from Gw1 my reasons for this even being thought of....Primodis- redJormag- BlueThis is in the updated icon Anet came up with so im going to guess its got something to do with those two to begin with.in Gw1 there was a red faction and blue faction being Kurzic and Luxon this is where the alliance battle, JQ, and FA all came into play Now when you listen to what the traveler actually say
  10. Hey everyone so i took a Dragon hunter and played them with trapper runes and valk ammy for quite some time and decided to take him into ranked, ended in plat and decided well i must be decent enough to get plat with a dragon hunter so heres a montage ahaha all in all i wanted to test my editing skills let me know how i did also comment on the video with feedback so i can reference i want to get better :) always !
  11. i mean maybe but it does seem that balthazar all along had intentions of humans becoming the most dominant race and even encouraged war so idk about "peaceful"
  12. yea idk, i played gw1 for 14 years lol and its just like i want some justification ahahah i guess i could make my own story about it thats non cannon tho aha that could be a fun project, but yea idk its just one of the most thriving race and you cant really go anywhere without seeing a human and correct me if im wrong but arnt most NPC,s that are merchants, etc human? i know there are some charr but i dont think there are many norn, slyv, and asura,
  13. AM i the ONLY person wondering where the heck we all came from, i mean for being one of the largest races in Tyria at one point to where we are now and arguably still one of the largest i would say humans have had some of the most impact on all of Tyria but seriously where did we come from lol it is said that we where brought here but literally nothing i search comes up, id honestly be completely okay if they had an entire Living world not doing the story in order to explain some of the unanswered questions from gw1 and gw2 more back story on the 6 or the 5 now, but there is sooooo much i f
  14. Hey everyone so I decided to make a comedic skit for a joke I had told a while back on the FB group , im really trying to branch out and create original content and this is the first step in doing so let me know if you guys like this let me know if theres anything I should or could change your feedback is important my idea of a content creator is to only better myself and my content so I will accept positive and negative feedback heres the link !
  15. Tengu is it? Ok! After a quick look to the data on tengus offered by the wiki, I believe we can aim for an e-spec involving the Sensali tengu tribe and revolving around the celestials (Nahpui Quarter mission closer to the stars). E-spec name: OracleLegend name: Not enough data sorry.Lore: The sensali tribe is known to be linked to the celestials. Special mechanism: Tengu's virtuesF2: Honor: Passive: endurance regen 15% faster. Active: taunt foes around you.F3: Family: Passive: increase revive speed by 10%. Active: Rally targeted ally.F4: History: Passive: Refund 10% of skill energy cost. Activ
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