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  1. Thief haves pierce now, isn't that better?
  2. Celestial on Daredevil for open world? o.O Daredevil is dodge/evade tank so all those defensive stats shall just go to waste. And running condi in open world is generally bad idea as you shall be killing normals/vets much slower than a pure power builds.
  3. Is a mix of Berserker, Assassin and Marauder wrong enough?
  4. Raids: whole team except for you wipes because optimized DPS builds, and forces you to /gg then kicks you.
  5. For PvE guilds you should attend world boss events or roam in starting areas, PvP guilds obviously recruit in HotM. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Grandmaster_Mark Play necro like me, much later into the game you shall understand why. Here is the build I use, copy it into buffer and paste by rclicking a build tab. [&DQgTHTIbAjsoDygPQAFAAfoA+gB2AXYBlQCVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=] It focuses on personal survival and reviving others, all you need for most of the content. For gear I run Berserker weapons and trinkets, and Marauder armor to prevent some oneshots.
  6. Rule number one: gather at least 3 players. One downed, one reviving, one doing damage and distracting. This rule can be ignored if you are high level and gear enough so you can solo them although it takes looong. Rule number two: keep your distance with ranged weapon, dodge and kite. Some Bandits are dashing so it is virtually impossible to melee them, some have a spike area attack that deals heavy damage and launches unless you avoid it by standing between the spikes, and some drop stacks of condi fields (pro tip: have condi cleanse slotted) so "me go face" will result in you
  7. Balancing is inferior to fun in PvE, and I had lots of fun reviving packs of monsters in D3.
  8. Have allies transfer conditions to the well caster should be less OP and more thematic imo.
  9. I had abused traited wells in sPvP and even as a Necro main I do agree it was OP: with zero skill, from safe distance, to give whole mid fight a permanent protection? No matter what disparity it was, we were winning almost all mid fights.
  10. Now you can keep revivers/finishers interrupted for long enough while also doing decent damage. I call it a significant buff.
  11. Rise! is just more bland minions, I have nowhere to put the Reaper into my tight Core build, and making Revive to register nearby deaths is just a matter of programming.
  12. [&DQgTHTIbAjsoDygPQAFAAfoA+gB2AXYBlQCVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=] Check out what I use to be hard to kill, and revive squishy others. I so love reviving that I even rub my mother when she sleeps XD
  13. Imo Harbinger is designed for PvE bossing to make it even easier to play. You cannot panic miss the shroud button when getting a hard hit, and you pop shroud when it's safe for extra damage to boss.
  14. Here are free tips on how to counter Minionmaster. Don't. Melee. Sounds incredibly hard to control your urge to charge in and hit him in the face? That's your problem, not the balance team's. As Mesmer: moa him from stealth, that kills all minions at once. Don't have stealth or moa or both? That's your problem once again. As Thief: spam piercing Unloads from p/p. Can't have p/p on swap? That's your problem. As Guardian/Elementalist: just AoE burn them. Don't have AoE burn on Ele/Guard? That's your serious problem. As Warrior or Ranger: Warrior haves pierces on bot
  15. All we have is seven varieties of weirdly looking minions. Not even skeletons! Why not replace one of Minion skills with AoE Revive that shall raise the corpses of Normal and Veteran enemies to fight for necromancer for a duration? Yes, it will not work in sPvP, raids and WvW but that's what split and build templates are for?
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