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  1. It was certainly a spam fest, i don't know a point in this game where combat wasn't a blob of AoEs and CCs. Difference is there is now different kinds of spam, which will happen with 2 expansion worth of Especs, soon to be 3.
  2. Flamethrower auto has been buff over the years a number of times. but since retaliation was a thing, it didn't see much play. An engineer could self destruct pretty easily when a guardian was around. Now that it is gone, flamethrower can go brrrrr. Especially with no pve/pvp split. Personally I love FT since the beginning, sometimes you want un-apologetic spammy damage. Although its currently its really safe damage, i do see a nerf coming in the future, but personally i think damage nerfs are boring and imo doesn't make the game any better. I think i form of retal needs to come ba
  3. I would say the whole combo system in general needs to updated. It's been almost 10 years, and its almost the same as it was in beta. Combo need to come back as a focus for good support and damage, like the heals from water field and might stacking. It would also be nice if they had more interaction from traits from any profession.
  4. The actual hit is pretty hard, 1.25 power coefficient with no pvp split, so its definitely in the power side of things. It also applies vulnerability, which is useful in power and condi when you pair it with main hand pistol.
  5. Mind if I change topic here? I want ask what people feel about how revenants have 4 utility skill lines while other professions has 5. I sure this has been talked about before. Are revenant fine with this?
  6. In the state we currently know, I'm predicting a bulkier roamer, and a niche pick for group content in PvE. Edit: Plus to be fair, I'm not really hyped about this spec, and kinda now waiting on the next. No harm in asking now.
  7. Initiative on evade is definitely harder to achieve than ini on steal, plus loosing the +3 max initiative really slows you down. The regen is not that great, and in all honesty the trait doesn't feel like a GM. Considering that deadeye's renewing gaze is a minor trait, grants regen and recharges your steal/mark on kill (harder to do than evading admittedly).
  8. What should come next? and what roles would we need. Team fighter or duelist in pvp? A spec that can play with the big boys and girls in zerg WvW? or a RP spec for PvE? OR should we get the old faithful roamer +1er spec? Is this the time for off hand sword? Dual weld maces or axes? I want a spec that plays around with dual weld a bit more, so i wouldn't want to see greatsword next. Any ideas?
  9. Lack of good initiative traits is a problem in most trait line. Trickery does provide alot of good utility, even after prepardness. If pig start to fly and the +3 ini becomes baseline, trickery would still be part of plenty of builds. Acro does have ini on evade trait, but since its a GM, does it get use that often? I'm starting to think would it be better if ini traits become minor traits in some fashion. Scaled down appropriately, and each line get one.
  10. Okay so how you solve this issue? A lot of people don't likes how Acrobatic is now, what needs to happen for both Acro and DrD to be both balance and competitive? Either together or seperate? Or is worth it? Should thieves accept that one spec overshadows another?
  11. Can't limit a whole trait line based on what it can potentially do to another.
  12. Another solution would also allow it to refresh with your jade sphere, either on cast or being within it AoE for a certain duration. That way it would give you a little room to remain in your attunement and not rush through your bonuses
  13. Hard to see them making this range, nor would you want it with all the projectile hate in the game. And they definitely wouldn't make an initiative based stealth skill unblockable. So you want the ally support part as well? Other than that seems like a down grade for bola shot. That happen before that was caused by a bug, they "fixed it" pretty fast.
  14. It's currently 240 now and 60 in pvp. That's only 16%/4% boon duration. Not crazy number, and with dont stop, a boon duration buff might be welcome in some raids groups. You can limit the endurance on swiftness to only swiftness thieves can apply if your are so afraid of heralds. Everything else is not too crazy compared to anything other class can do, plus you can always adjust numbers to account for pvp.
  15. Please keep in mind these numbers are based on pve, just imagine CDs increasing or damage/duration deceasing when pvp is concerned.
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