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  1. Harvest temple is a sad trap currently. With raid mode squad you are fine and you get the annoying stuff one or in worst case twice and you often get nice stuff like aegis or stab that make these annoying stuff a lot less annoying and a lot more forgiving. Standard no req squads, even with "roles" have the low dps leading to more annoying phases and usually no nice boon. You combine that with less experience players and some discutable design (that green goo should not be green) and basic stuff like run to avoid the big aoe or jump over the waves turn to a 2-3 killed each
  2. LLA is not fine at all for a daily run with the timer, tiny lifespan and that blindind/lagging fest... At least Mat at Verdant Brink allow 2/3minutes to get it for the sweet daily loot and you get to keep your eyes.
  3. Strikes is a strange game mode : part of the community find them too easy and cheese them in less than 10min (without FS and CW too long by design) with a 250li/kp raid squad , the other part is a total mess of rainbow gear helped by a few geared player who don't want to create their own raid mode squad. No vocal is required to access, low or no expectation, no hard fails, cc and therefore no real learning of the game and the class... Fractals incluing T4 are quite the same, CM have the "hard" CC checks, dps checks and are quite the only non raid content where class knowledge is
  4. copy /y "C:\Users\*windowsUser*\AppData\Roaming\Guild Wars 2\login_*****.dat" "C:\Users\*windowsUser*\AppData\Roaming\Guild Wars 2\Local.dat" "C:\Program Files\Guild Wars 2\Gw2-64.exe" -autologin -maploadinfo copy /y "C:\Users\*windowsUser*\AppData\Roaming\Guild Wars 2\Local.dat" "C:\Users\*windowsUser*\AppData\Roaming\Guild Wars 2\login_*****.dat" *windowsUser* your window user login_*****.dat just copy and rename the Local.dat save as .bat and enjoy the no 3rd party login tool
  5. Strike mission are not easy raids, they are only stand alone boss encouters. Raid are small stories, full of details, dialogs... people were not happy because these stories are locked behind difficult group content and worse for W1-3 that are part of the LS main story. I started raiding a few months ago and that level of content just blew my mind and particulary the W4 and W6. Glenna is so annoying but that "C'est pas ma faute" in French localisation after Cairn is just a masterpiece. I'm quite happy for eaiser and more accessible and repeatable content but now I'm also
  6. They already did it and already rollback it. Jumping/explo to unlock traits on every toon was not fun and no traits or random traits meta was a thing for casual players.
  7. My guess is that they want to allow crafting to casual players who can't farm a stack of T5 mat everyday.Crafting was a nice to have to get stuff for reroll now it is needed for ascended, collections,.... and meta is not stable anymore (3 years wth zerk for all toons no need to craft...) I'm happy for T2-T4 trophies as it reward exploration of "old" map and once craft levelling is done it is a luxury for legendary crafting only when these T5-T6 are are a now daily need for most people.
  8. Mystic coins are a pain but only for people willing to get a nice shinny item and as they add more and more of these shinnies, it won't be cheaper without new way to get them that is not a poor 1 a day events/daily or on random fractales daily boxes. T5 leather/silk/wood/mitril are a pain for quite everybody in need of crafting : a new exo armor set for beginners or to test a build, a new insignia for that nice box drop or a new ascended piece to follow the new T4 or raid meta?I used to be happy when I collected enough pvp/fractales/WvW tokens for a ascended part, now ascended crafting is ne
  9. T1 and T2 are newb levels a lot easier than "old" fractales to make people learn and build basic AR (rings, jewelry).T3 more AR and learn a few difficult mechanisms.T4 is the "base" that should be dongeon difficulties, and it was.CM was raid mode like.New T4 is raid more like and people will ask for a special groups with healer. Yes I'm doing T3 or T2 depending on the group I can find when T4 dailies are not fun but we are back at no T4 = no ascended boxes = no new toon choice for T4 before I can farm enough pvp to get more pieces or finally gave up and waste resources on leveling 500 armor
  10. I'm not complaining that content is too hard, just that content is changing rules too frequently for most casual players.Fractal used to be a relaxed casual player thing requiring only ascended jewelry.Then they moved to 100 scales, people invested in backpieces, weapons, a few ascended armor piece to be able to do the same thing as before (T3 is quite the dame difficulties as old 30 levels fractales).Now with new fractals meta their expensive gear is not ok anymore and they have to invest again to support the new required builds or be a super hero that never fell an aoe in a room full of ao
  11. I've no problem with investing thousand on gold for a stat swapable armor sets, but I've a problem when I've to invest on not swapable armor just to play fractales because my already geared toons are not ok anymore.Most people invest in zerk/viperin/sinister/assassin sets because fractales were mostly dps check and have only one or 2 toons with enough ar for T4.With raid they add the needed for support/heal classes like druid, druid is now needed in fractale too, rip dps builds for ranger and let's craft a new healer set for fractales to support that 12k zerk ele who is now 1-2 shot instead
  12. The new fractal in t4 : low health => slower => more aoe taken => lower health => slower =>.... => down, nice add spawn, get rez to have an aoe on you and fall again....People are saying "Take a healer, an egide slave guard, extra dodge build, pet to allow damage whem spaming that extra new jump to avoid that aoe fest, no aoe build you have to place on that teleport boss but easy target damage skills..." Dungeon were only longer with rainbow builds fractales are becoming mostly impossible and most people won't invest thousand of gold to have ar on all their toons and all bu
  13. A long time ago : have fun in party in donjons then donjon is forgotten and we moved to have fun in fractals when is was a 40 minutes runs , now it is becoming more and more difficult to have people for fractales : have only one 1 or 2 hours to play on evening no way they spend them on these 45 minutes per piece fractales.Dailies are filtered, old fractales are still quite ok when refactoring was not too much (hello swamp or new Mai trin), new one are mostly skipped or done on T2/T3 instead of T4...Now it is let's go farm that's new place, retry a story instance for success, collect mat for
  14. Premium Pve skins (raid or donjon) are locks behind parties, donjon was bad but doable, but raid requirements are a pain.Most people don't have unlimited play time and can't afford to spend nights after nights in raid lobby waiting for a nice party accepting newb with low LI or no KP for the boss needed for their collection progress.Premium pvp and Wvw skins are only timegated, when you are good you have shortcuts, you are bad or not dedicated it just take a lot of time but you still have a small progress each time you play the content.Raid party "open to all" often can't carry one or 2 bad pl
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