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  1. You are completely missing my point. It's not about what was buffed or nerfed, not really about superspeed in particular. It's about how they don't take their time to properly implement the changes they are coming up with, to be able to apply them in all places they make a difference. Superspeed was just an example of how they changed a thing without understanding all the places it affects. If they actually did know what they are doing, they would just nerf proper skills/traits so that such thing like "12s capped at 10s" in one tick didn't happen in the first place. If you have
  2. How does that even makes any sense? https://imgur.com/a/uw5LHgT (yes, this does in fact limit you to 10s on cast) Not gonna lie, lately, when I'm reading the patch notes, I have a feeling that no one working on skills actually plays this game, or it is like one person who has no chance of remembering everything alone. They tunnel vision to introduce a change without really understanding what it can cause or how it relates to all the other classes and mechanics in all different kinds of content and mechanics the game is full of. And then absolutely forget to actual
  3. I have a 24 slot soulbound on use(and I used it) bag one of the characters, crafted by ANOTHER character with different crafting professions. Now I want to consider upgrading the bag and I wonder if there is any way to do it, or the bag is lost. I know that now I cannot transfer the bag directly, best I can do is put it it bank. But since for regular materials you CAN craft with stuff in your bank, I wondered if there is a way to use soulbound bag as a material for craft from bank. Anyone got any idea if this could work? I kinda tries to show up in discovery tab, but then instantly disappears
  4. I still don't understand how PvE Quickness Scrapper is supposed to win his spot in parties/squads against firebrands. Not only Scrapper will be barely able to keep his quickness with this mere 2s of quickness per trait trigger, but also it will be outclassed in other areas by current quickness FB builds. If you go for dps+quick, then condi quickness FB will outperform you, if you want to go for healscrapper... Heal firebrand will definitely outclass you in most common scenarios by being able to both heal AND throw aegis all over the place. This quickness Scapper looks like cool i
  5. The story is a mess if it comes to keeping up with 'old' characters. As many people mentioned they didn't manage to even confirm or deconfirm Zojja's demise or mention her wellbeing in any way for years now. Looks like Dragon's Watch is getting similar treatment. While I enjoy the story most of the time, I don't expect any decency in this manner anymore unfortunately, which is quite sad.
  6. Oh wow. Didn't know you can construct such keywords in flg. That's what I needed, thanks a lot.
  7. Yeah... If you try to look for pug group for whatever in raids, 80-90% of groups you will see will not be some 250Li parties you are not qualified to join anyway... it will be raid selling ads. To be clear, I don't care if it's fair/moral/legal to sell or buy encounters(it's allowed by ANet policies if anyone wonders), just why the lfg board must be so ridiculously spammed with useless ads? And for some reason it seems to mostly happen in raids lfg. I haven't seen that many ads spammed in such volume around other party boards like fractals/strikes. Example view of EU lfg attached. It's almost
  8. You can crash somebody's game by sending a link to this trait to someone. If they try to even hover a mouse over it... done. Seems serious.
  9. This thread is 2 years old now. 2 years of exactly 0 updates on world restructuring, good job.
  10. Eeeh, small update. I played some ranked. Got placed at the very beginning of Gold1. Finished around a 100 games fluctuating around that silver-gold border back and forth with a win ratio of about 50% which seems fair enough. Got some gold and shards and reward track stuff on the way. It wasn't that much compared to other activities in game, but it was still cool and at least something more compared to for example WvW, other PvP mode in te game. ...BUT! Yeah. The mode feels just soo... soulless. Best you can get is people just doing what they can in silence. Worst you will get a crykids who f
  11. After I was too annoyed with the fact that I'm hold hostage by gemstore on a server away from my buddies(which are on full server anyway) I came across this 2 years old tread only to get reminded that Anet doesn't care. Kinda sad.
  12. So yeah. I'm VERY late to the party. I has been playing GW2 for like 2 years and only now I'm thinking about trying to get into pvp, directly into ranked most likely. I only played some unranked games when I started to I get a very basic understanding of the game mode, and that's it. I'm not asking whether it is worth to get into pvp, but if it's is possible, or how hard it is. I've seen this forum being 50% complaining that the mode is dead, and 50% complaining that any given class is OP and needs a buff at the same time, yet still I want to try with a fresh mind of a new player. The game is
  13. I'm fine with currency grind, I think I can even be fine with time gates... but for some reason I got absolutely tilted and dropped Skyscale collections when I saw that I have to start with 50+ parts total of some annoying collections spread around the map in obnoxious locations, sometimes requiring borrowing Skyscale... which you will get dismounted from when picking it.
  14. Idk. I played personal story as non-Sylvari and never understood Trahearne hate. For me he was introduced as this wise necromancer who studied Orr for years in pursuit of his Wyld Hunt and did all the knowledge-gathering work for you to show up and only do the 'action' part. I really liked him and I feel that he was adding a lot to the feeling that defeating Zhaitan was this big, coordinated campaign, and not "yeah, commander and his party went through the forest and kicked the Mordremoth's butt" feeling I got from HoT. It was very strange way for him to go unfortunately.
  15. Ahh, It was all a plan to bring Zojja back I see! ...Ok. Jokes aside. Stay safe!
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