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  1. This is going into the wrong direction IMHO. I noticed in the episode achievements that you really, really want to push these, but I don't understand why. I also disagree with having so many achievements in the strike missions just to get the new emote. I don't think you will be able to force more ppl into strike missions, let alone raids. Many ppl who came to this game were the ones who wanted to get away from raids and group content locked to a specific number of players. The first one was added as trivial event and ppl starting to play and farm it. I remember it reading constantly in the ev
  2. I've done this event with very different group sizes. Down to only a few players at a drill. The hydra is only a problem, because ppl tend to lead it to the drill where it wreaks havoc. If you make the hydra face away from the drill, it will not breath at it constantly nor charge into it. It can be drawn away if players mind their surroundings a bit. They don't even need to die super fast.
  3. Yeah, it's fixed. Looks like it originally was. Ty whoever fixed this so fast. <3
  4. No thanks. In wow it was nothing but players flagging themselves pvp and standing on objectives/things ppl need to pick up/interact with hoping they would accidentally attack them. Open world pvp -> WvW.
  5. I don't think it's intended, it looks kinda horrible with some colors. Try orange on the ears. :p Probably some poor soul wanted to fix the animation bug they mentioned (didn't even realize there was one) and re-exported the model thinking "right, I only changed a tiny bit on the animation rig, what could possibly go wrong?"...
  6. Wanted to try something new and created Xiuquatl as a 3D print. I think this was done by Chelsea too? I love the ingame item. <3 Most pictures are here: https://keeyasnowtail.tumblr.com/post/187006680062/yay-new-legendary-but-a-real-world-oneAlso a reddit thread
  7. The effect can only once occur every 45 sec. (Rune has an ICD) I just tested with mirage and jaunt (as I used these runes a long time ago), getting condis from noxious plants near the shatterer and jaunt transfered one + blind to a spark elemental.
  8. After the patch the fur patches inside the ears and on the tail of the Gallant Lightbearer behave oddly when using medium or high shaders. The ear part defaults to some glowy cyan color and the tail tuft to an ugly green (if the body is dyed white or using default color). The blue/cyan on the ear hair tuft is there regardless of the ear color. If they are dyed orange, the tuft turns into kind of a neon green. Comparison of high and low shaders here: https://imgur.com/a/nH313M1
  9. Some things are since the patch. csplit not activating reliably / behaving oddly. Illusion counter bugged sometimes with 1 clone left when there is non. One signet not working at all. While I can live with the changes these actual bugs should be fixed in the near future.
  10. Never surrender! But I can feel what you mean. I only managed to beat him once last time, but was too scared to try to repeat it this year. It cost me all of my tickets, all of my festival token and a lot of nerves. Still one of the best things in game imo. Would despair again. :D
  11. Yeah I have to agree here. Or maybe put a notice into the launcher about disabled content and link to the forum post like with the release notes. Is there an ETA on when this can/is planned to be fixed? As in "hotfix maybe tomorrow", days, weeks, etc? Not trying to sound impatient takes out a whip. We use the guild bank a lot for events and now ppl send me stuff for the guild bank blowing up my mailbox. Before I realized taking it out of the mail was a bad idea. :p
  12. That happens if a 6th enters the guild hall or the 5th leaves. (or 5th and 4th, don't remember the numbers without trying) Best you can do for events in the guild hall have at least 6 players inside all the time.Bit of a weird behaviour, feels like they are trying to conserve server resources by spawning a larger instance only when necessary.
  13. According to the interface there is one clone active. But I am not even in combat (mount icon) and the shatters cannot be activated. They just silently fail. Creating a new clone doesn't increase the counter, but fixes the issue. As does moving away or waiting for a while.
  14. I noticed this as well, but it's hard to trigger in controlled scenario. I tried almost 15 mins on the golem to make a video to no avail. But it happens regularly in open world zerg. It feels there is some kind of race condition in the code, the whole skill feels weird now.You have a clone, skill icon is pink (1) -> press shatter the skill icons turns into the not charged variant, gray with the lightning icon for a split second (no pun intended :p) (2) -> the clone gets shattered and the icon turns into the blueish version and the rift is created (3) What it feels like is happening, is t
  15. Kiza.5630

    RIP chrono

    1 sec distort to avoid a single timed attack. Remove condi out of combat when traited (that super annoying 15 sec remaining cripple), on demand stability with otherwise useless shatters for your build when traited (and other useful boons for you). A bit of alacrity and when traited quickness from them. Quite a few things I used them for that were just interesting/fun/nice to have.
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