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  1. The Dragon's End meta is one of the reasons I decided to take a break from the game. After several months I just decided to try it again. I had a similar problem. No one was in the map and no one was using LFG. I popped in again today and there was actually a group going. Unfortunately, It turned out exactly the same way they always did for me when the expansion was new. We even had the full minute or two where the boss was doing nothing but switching sides with her tail so neither of them could be reliably hit. 😞
  2. When the credits rolled, yeah, I felt like it was over. I got this hard-to-describe feeling that was part relief and part nostalgia, like I really had just finished a quest with my friends after a decade of hardship. Part of me almost hopes this is the end, because it's a good place to stop and I have a rare sense of closure about the whole thing. However, I was sick of the Elder Dragons only a couple of years in when it became apparent they would dominate the plot for longer than all of Guild Wars 1's campaigns combined. Now that the dragon plot is finally over, I also felt someth
  3. I forgot to mention, I ran into an NPC in... Echovald? That got offended about the comparison between Necromancers and Ritualists, because Ritualists are evil and abuse spirits, unlike Necromancers. Maybe this was just supposed to be a gang thing, but without lore context that wasn't in that conversation, it felt a little like a dig at wanting Ritualists, which seems more than a little weird to me. One of the things I still miss from Guild Wars 1 is how each campaign was more or less standalone and officially told from the perspective of the locals. The post-launch professions were part of
  4. That reminds me of a line Marjory (I think?) had at the beginning of this expansion. There was a comment about how Cantha isn't how the history books remember it or something, and she says "Where would the fun be in that?" I couldn't help but assume this was one of those modern, meta lines where the writers think they're teaching the audience a lesson or something. It's like, yeah I get it, it's been a long time in-universe and Cantha should be different, but what's wrong with wanting something because of a pre-established investment? What's wrong with hoping that Guild War
  5. This point is one of the reasons the rudeness I experienced during the event from other players really bothered me. It's bad enough that they're being rude. What really gets me is that, for some reason, the instinct is to blame the players instead of the design. If the open world content can not be completed with open world players, then it's not the players that are "bad", but the design that has failed. I see that sort of thinking far too often. That only the players can be a problem. It can never be that the situation itself that is flawed. I've seen people be blamed for not being
  6. It hadn't occurred to me that my alts can't actually use the Jade Bot, despite the Mastery, because of the equipment. That definitely needs to be addressed, as it largely offsets the main point of Mastery to begin with and what I like so much about it. I hadn't even thought of the lack of batteries in zones outside of Cantha. However, when I first got the Jade Bot a Mastery came into my head. As it's not actually in the game, but could solve this problem, I've going to suggest it here: Solar Panels: The Jade Bot slowly gains charge up to its maximum over time.
  7. I was coming here to make a thread like this myself. I've had a nice, relaxing time playing the expansion so far. I didn't even plan on doing the meta right now until the bonus achievement implied I would get a True Ending for beating the meta first. So I helped with a meta that started late and didn't make it to the boss by just a little bit, and I had to restart my game for an update anyway. Then I started all the way over and helped a meta from the very beginning and had to wait the whole time for the main part to start. Everything was fine until we got to the boss. Almost as soon
  8. The expansion launched at a bad time for me and even though I picked it up, I didn't plan on playing it anytime soon. Turns out things have a way to messing with your plans, so I ended up getting into it anyway, but I tried to go relax through the story and not be my usual completionist self. There were things I had issues with. I could critique the dialogue and some characterizations for days, but right now I don't want to dwell on that. Overall, I had a lot of fun. I liked the zones, the skiff feels right, and the way the story sort of comes together made me feel like I really did ju
  9. I think the debate is more that they didn't do enough than they didn't do anything. I think almost every single critique I had was covered in here. We got the passive out of combat blade stocking, the Elite was made instant so doesn't interrupt or get preemptively dodged, the Scepter clone limit bug was fixed, and tooltips were added to old traits to answer whether or not they are supposed to interact with the Blade mechanic. Those may not have been strict power changes but they add up a lot for quality of life. I also think that the Elite Specializations aren't exactly supposed to a
  10. The last two beta events landed at bad times for me and I just haven't put in the same time I did for the first one. In that short time, however, Mechanist really stood out to me. You see, I had started testing all of the Elite Specializations (and existing specializations on professions I already have in order to compare) on a particular nasty group of enemies in Drizzlewood Coast. I'd pretty much die every time, but I was gauging how close I got to beating the group and how much control I had over my character in that time. The Mechanist absolutely blew them all away (both the other
  11. My quick feedback after jumping between the three new specs is that the Bladesworn was the most immediately appealing to me (without going over each ability carefully and planning combos that might make them stand out better). 1) I like the Gunsaber, but as it's essentially just a new weapon type there are a few oddities. As I saw mentioned in this thread almost right away, I think I would prefer it be on the normal Weapon Swap keybind at the very least. 2) I haven't dove into it enough to find some skill interactions that might make up for it, but by default the generation of Flow s
  12. Someone mentioned that this is the sixth time that Confusion has been overhauled. At this point, it clearly isn't just an issue with the power level of Confusion but with its inherent design. The ability punishing nature of Confusion (in abilities like Backfire) made perfect sense in Guild Wars 1, in which combat was much more meticulous and precise, monsters belonged to player professions, and everything was clearly labeled to counter and react to. In Guild Wars 2, there's simply too much variety in attack speeds and what abilities can even do for ability punishment to ever be consistent. Tru
  13. My Second Round of Feedback I've played around a little bit more with the spec since my last post. My goal was actually just to double check some things I've seen other people talk about, but I ran into some tougher enemies than I was experimenting with last time and it gave me something entirely different to talk about. The Odd: As echoed in a few places, Blade generation feels weirdly random. Unfortunately I can't give more specifics because I'm not exactly sure why it feels this way. To be fair, with my Chronomancer I just use Scepter and know I'm always going to get a cl
  14. I like Virtuoso overall so far. For a little context, I've been playing Chronomancer in a very specific (and from what I understand, nonstandard) way for a few years now. I use Scepter, skills like Signet of Illusions (even with its bugs), and traits like Shatter Storm, to utterly spam Clones and Shatters. For me, Virtuoso is great because it's essentially an Elite Specialization built for the way I had been playing Mesmer: no deception, just churning out ammo and launching it at my enemies. I am excited to switch to it for real once the expansion comes out.
  15. Scepter 1 (Ether Clone) stops summoning Blades when you have 3. Scepter 2 (Illusionary Counter) can go past 3 Blades just fine. I could find no other skill that would treat 3 as the cap for summoning. Things like Mirror Images and Signet of Illusions properly treat 5 as the Blade cap.
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