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  1. Is the CC bar phase of this fight working correctly, we had the first CC bar then nothing for the next 10 minutes, map clearly failed yet again, hard to have a burn phase when we never get the chance to actually enter a burn phase, i can already see people have stopped with this map, with up to 2 hours wasted for no rewards, once people get that first kill they avoid the map now, for a casual game that you've been pushing for 8 years it sure turned into a play the way we want or don't bother now.
  2. Problem i seen today with this Meta is, if that first CC bar fails to get broken, people have worked out that it map will likely fail, and they just leave the map, i seen a squad of 50 people drop to 35 after the first CC bar failed. People who have managed to beat it, have no reason to really return, the rewards are not worth the time invested for that small chance that RNG will bless the map and allow them to beat it, also like most other content in the game, for years people have pressed 1 until the loot has dropped, with no real exception to need to "get gud" as ive seen some s
  3. On the Cryptseeker achievement, you have to visit 3 locations, however on the hero tab it records them wrong, Recorded the symbols on the keystone at the Tangled Alter ( this will record as Saint Anjeka's Shrine ) Recorded the symbols on the keystone at Saint Anjeka's Shrine ( this records as the Tangled Alter ) I only noticed this after looking for the Amber chunk at the wrong location,
  4. Final CC phase, the CC bar was broken, but they just stood there, map cannot continue, no rewards no loot, nothing, for an event that only spawns every 2 hours you sorta need to look into this one.
  5. If you hold back on rewards for all in WvW because of zerging you might aswell remove all rewards completely, zerging has been part of WvW since day 1, nothing will stop it, but to say not do add or remove something because of that reason is wrong.
  6. I was talking to some newer players the other night on discord and we got talking about WvW and the Pip system, ( some of them avoided WvW due to the time investment needed and didnt feel they could ever achieve anything ) and how long it takes to actually gain them at lower levels or as a new player, I got thinking about this, and to max it out each week its 1450 pips i personally make around 11 average per tick, so around 132 an hour on average ( if the match goes my servers way ) this is around 11 hours of WvW a week, some of the players i spoke to where only making 5 pips a turn, so 60 an
  7. WvW is crazy now, i haven't played WvW in nearly a year when it got really stale, but i jumped back in last night and on desert borderland the squad i was in was able to PvD a door down, while being fired at by like 6 Ac's the healing ability and boon spam is insane now, WvW needs its own balance team it needs completely separated from the rest of the game, PvE food and stones in WvW make some classes god like. At this point it feels like Anet band-aid fix one issue and introduce 5 more, not all classes are equal in WvW not even close, if they aren't prepared to separate this game mode, its ne
  8. From what was being said on twitch last night, this player could have easily pushed the price up to 2.5g and held it there for months, technically they didnt do anything wrong, aslong as the gold on their account was legit and earned ingame, they are free to do what they want with it, but it should highlight finally that just a handful of players can completely dominate this game market as and when they choose too, and nothing will change that. If indeed this player is doing this to spite a few other barons, then id watch for when that 280k coins its dumped back into the market, as the player
  9. Im on NA and play from East Coast USA, getting all the same problems, and the TP is completely unusable nothing loads at all, just times out, with error has occurred.
  10. Came here to see if anyone else was getting this, tonight it was popping up every 3-5 minutes for me, open inventory it pops up, open TP it pops up, open guild panel, it pops up, Anet is clearly having some serious server issues, which is also why i guess the TP is clearly not working with its continuous timeouts.
  11. It wont matter, he wont be playing long enough for them to take advantage of it, there is a clip from last night where he asks about how to get all the good looking mount skins, and someone tells him straight up its all $$ no free skins in game from raids etc, so now him and the 30k people watching him last night now know the game is all about the $$ for skins, you could almost see the defeat setting in straight away, how about that for marketing potential.
  12. I had the same issue, it took them 9 days to get back to me, going from reddit etc thats about the given timeframe for support at the moment 7-10 days, im guessing the full support team is not working due to current world events etc.
  13. What sort of times are support having, its been a week now and no reply, some friends on discord are saying they have gone nearly 2 weeks with no reply, i understand things are kind of crazy right now, so just kind of looking for a general time frame, if possible.
  14. Why, why do they need to "catch up" why is it that someone who has played the game since launch gets restricted so that someone who picks the game up 7 years later can catch up, they wont catch up, they have missed events and achievements that are no longer in the game, so the catch up argument is kinda invalid, hopefully now that Anet is under new management they will go back and look at things like AP. The cap should have be raised/lifted completely.
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