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  1. Salad cultural armors definitely aren't made of your fellow kin.
  2. I can answer this. According to Oneiros-Spun Armor no, she is not naked.
  3. I have at most 20h on beetle, this race is quite forgiving I even made several mistakes and still got 56 seconds.
  4. It is not the most kitten thing anet done so far and it won't be the last.
  5. Bad players love to blame others for no reason. I 0-100 a lot of reapers, 1v2 , 1v3 sometimes. Reaper is absolute kitten in wvw roam yet people still play it. Free kills.
  6. Warrior, no changes. Revenant GS, SB everywhere, shield also useable in pvp on every spec now. One could say that Rev benefitted most. Guardian, no changes. I don't play medium class so I skip. Elementalist benefitted a lot from warhorn, sword and hammer available everywhere. This is actually nice, same as rev, benefitted well. Mesmer, at least you can use shield in pvp/wvw now. Well thats it. Nothing changed in PVE. Necro, got very expected power creep. Nerfed Core weapon scepter because cantha shill is so strong they dare not to touch pistol. They nerfed Devouring Darkness, the skill untouched in PVE for 5 years. GG, nerfing a skill that was doing fine for years.
  7. Looks at 10+ mesmer portals in drakkar...(also some white mantle) yeah
  8. if you can afford 300g for a skin it means you aren't poor thus your argument is invalid.
  9. before daily change at least you could stock wvw potions and force it. now gl, better change server
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