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  1. Hi! Returning vet player looking for an Aussie or SEA timezone guild.Doesn't have to anything too big or serious, I'm a casual PVE person who prefers quality over quantity.Played for about 5 years on and off, starting around the time of LS1.Been away the last 18 months-2 years because of new work and study. I may be able to bring some new friends over too, once they get settled in the game. Looking forward to hearing for people!
  2. Midway is back open for recruitment!! Check out the first post in this thread. Hope to see some of you soon!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  3. Level 33 guild now! Guild missions every week.Starting fractal training for new people. Active discord.
  4. Hi Jin!We don't currently have a main server at the moment, as we don't have a WvW focus as of the guild. Everyone is all spread out amongst servers.However it may be something we explore in future. Mail sent in game!
  5. CLOSED FOR RECRUITMENT Midway [mWAY] is looking for members! EVERYONE WELCOME: New and returning players welcome!CASUAL: No strict representation requirements, no strict events or attendance schedules, no strict activity requirements.LAID-BACK: Real life comes first.TIMEZONE: Play on NA server during AUS/SEA/OCE timezones (happy to welcome players from other timezones who are active during our time).PVE FOCUSED: Story Mode, Map completion, Dungeons, Fractals, Guild Missions, Meta Events and more.RAID TRAINING: We've just started dipping our toes into training raids! Escort ✔ Cairn ✔ Mursaat Ov
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