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  1. There's been a lot of discussion about instance boundaries over the years, so I thought I'd share something we've been working on. End of Dragons story missions will use the new boundary tech we developed for Dragon Response Missions, where the instance boundaries push you back instead of kicking you out. I definitely think it's an improvement! 🙂 To answer some follow-up questions that I know some of you will have:. There are some edge cases (i.e. when you exit an instance by falling) that make the switch wonky and difficult to apply retroactively. We manually applied solutions to
  2. What you describe is very close to how it works - it indeed hits only the people who are in and stay in the fight area, for a duration. People also break out of the whispers when they are downed, which amusingly means you can revive them right after stabbing them. (Sorry! Jormag made me do it.)
  3. Hi all, I've committed a tweak to this that will hit with the Feb 11th build, creating more time in between when the ping shows up on the map and when the champ appears for the fight. This should give people who are trying to complete the achievement more time to find and join the event. I also took a look at scaling, but it looks like they are already scaling pretty notably? I'll poke at that a bit more. But either way, if more people are there, more people should be able to get credit.
  4. There has to be a new build before the changes I've made go out :) When that happens, this SHOULD be fixed.
  5. Hi all,I think I've tracked this down and it should be part of a fix soon. Thank you for letting us know!
  6. Hi All,We are working on an alternative, easier way to reobtain the T2 weapons for those who have already crafted them. We don’t currently have a time frame for this, but will update you when we know more.
  7. I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding on how this works, which is probably on me because it is rather opaque (The conversation kind of implies it, but...)The conversation unlocks based on the number of Abandoned Supplies you turned in turning a completed run. Each layer unlocks every 4 or so supplies. Theoretically, you can unlock more or less than 1 per run based on how many you get. EDIT: Just did a quick check, it is in fact based on character and not account as to how far you get in the conversation. The achievement itself is obviously account-wide.
  8. Just following up as I figure the design logic behind this might be interesting to people - it wasn't so much a decision to make it harder as to make it, uh, less easier. (bare with me here :P) It's true she shoots NIOs more quickly when targeting them than IOs, which would be harder if you were traveling by yourself - but she can only target one person at a time. So every NIO actually gives the whole group more traversal time as a whole, as they can serve as cover for one another if they are clever about it. Doing it by yourself with the NIO limitation is an interesting challenge, though...
  9. I just want to say that I really enjoyed reading about all the different strategies people employed for this instance. And I'm glad my prompt to experiment with skills actually helped someone :) To the OP: I can't deny that some classes/builds are better suited for this challenge than others, but I tried to balance it so it wouldn't be too bad for anyone. I actually mostly tested this event just walking, with no swiftness and no abilities. It's... harder, and sadly less fun, but it IS possible. The problem is if I tune it down any more, then it becomes boring with the use of any abilities. If
  10. Hi!So, the fix I had made earlier missed the cutoff for the patch, but we managed to deploy something without a build. The next time the loop starts, the wall should no longer be breakable, which means the event can't get in a broken state!A more permanent fix will be in the next patch.
  11. Hi friends - so this bug actually existed before the recent patch. It's inconsistent, so I guess you were lucky enough to not have run into it before. I've seen it run successfully before and after the patch, and I've also seen it fail. In the next patch I made changes that should eliminate several possible causes. Hopefully we can get it working always =)
  12. You will miss a decoration for the nest, but it's possible to complete the achievement without it. (As we can't assume people will have old episodes, this achievement only requires a subset of the tasks) Unsure why this would be happening, though. I'll look into her "appear" condition.
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