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  1. Thanks! The 12th one is quite short (backpedaling). I was afraid that the video was too long so I will elaborate here. I sometimes see newer players slowly backpedaling when their tag goes 180 degrees and these newer players get caught in enemy rev spikes which is easily avoidable had they just used any one of the three solutions.
  2. Hopefully Anet can increase the number of guild slots. Then you and your little band of friends can go make a new guild free of any rules just for the alliance.
  3. My feedback as a rev main in WvW for open field zerg fights (for context this is how I play:) It feels like the vindicator is intended to be a selfish melee focused spec but is outclassed by existing options like the berserker or daredevil both in terms of survivability and burst damage. It also seems like the vindicator is an introduce-the-problem-sell-the-solution kind of spec where the problem is having only 1 dodge while the solution is wasting valuable trait space to grant endurance regeneration. The recent changes are in my opinion, in the right direction. The
  4. Less outfits and more unique armor skins so I can actually choose which sets to mix.
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