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  1. Playing weaver d/d cele everywhere, cause my main in wow was enhancement shaman so I truly enjoy this elementalist.
  2. yea me too, I tried on other characters in different maps....just infinite loading.
  3. Actually not a bad idea but I would like a pulsing barrier field (dust field - unique field just for catalyst) and when you blast it you get reflect aura. Then it will be good in pvp and wvw.
  4. Weaver needs quickness maybe little alacrity. Tempest needs a lot of things cause it is bad for roaming.
  5. Combination of celestial blue infusion and winters heart is bugged on charr's. On my asura, human and norn this combination makes some light blue frozen skin color, while on charr it looks like celestial blue only. I tried different skin colors on Charr but it does not work. Its simply bugged. Anyone have same issues?
  6. I get it more with every new update,. I think now is like every 5th kill.
  7. I dont use it cause I crashed and crashed and crashed on every meta out there....
  8. HoT dragons stand final area meta is better 25x times, more fun and rewarding. This meta is 1 time only for the turtle and never ever come back.
  9. Wait did they buff offhand dagger? Can some girl slap me right now, I must be dreaming.
  10. Super, can we get d/d survivability buff or healing buff for tempest/core ele?
  11. I have bigger problems with warrior and necro new elite.
  12. maybe buff d/d builds ? 😄 they will prolly nerf core ele 😄
  13. I think mechanist is op , this is unacceptable, pls nerf elementalist(catalyst) fast pls!
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