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  1. I'm for removing downstate permanently (or adapting it by removing rally, in-combat rezzing and downed skills), but play none of your mentioned classes. Play Warrior instead, and not even a good build at that. Hell, I get whipped quite a lot right now in WvW.But when I kill someone, it is the result of me actively outplaying the opponent and doesn't end in Scrap Wars while we are both prone, tossing shoes and rocks at each other.Plus, somebody mentioned it already: Get killed? No problem, just try again. Lol, you do realize that this sounds like "I'm rock, so nerf paper. Scissors are fine."?
  2. The result will be that the majority of glass canon tryhards want downstate to stay, because they rely on being rezzed all the time I'm a glass canon tryhard myself who more often than not benefits from Rally and Rez.However, I tend to challenge myself and sometimes even feel the urge to... git gud.Ofc I can only speak for myself, so everybody is invited to disagree :wink: Agreed. Furthermore, it removes any incentive to actually improve. Why should they? Mates will keep on rezzing them / kill their target so they can rally.As it is, they can screw up countless times as there are people to s
  3. As a player who actually loses as many fights as he wins in WvW, I would prefer Downed State to stay removed.Imho, there is nothing less epic than lying in the dirt and tossing scrap at your opponent. Maybe it's just my Dark Souls mindset, but if I mess up, it's fine for me to start over. Perhaps, someone can start a poll on this? I'd be quite interested in the results.
  4. The Lion King reference in crystal Oasis. When I asked in map chat for support and someone greeted me with 'Ahai, outlander' and we started RPing for some time. When we had fought Xolotl in Caledon Forest and another player was still in crab-mode, I wrote 'Hm, delicious crab. Just you wait!' and he/she started to run away screaming until the magic wore off and he/she wrote 'Being eaten by a salad, oh the irony!' and I said 'Revenge for centuries of vegetarian savagery!'. Needless to say, i was leveling my sylvari ele. Should've named him magic stick, now that I think of it :lol:
  5. That's a whole lot of information, thanks for sharing! Also, this seems only to happen on certain machines, as with my other laptop, the potato one, I managed to create my character (same options as on non-potato) with no problems. Strange.Again, thank you so much for your insight!
  6. Hey all, I am quite annoyed right now, as the game won't let me create another character. At a random point during creation, the game just totally freezes while the music keeps on playing. The only solution right now is to press win and restart my pc. Until now I have tried lowering the specs to potato (no good) and just rushing through the creation process (also no good). On another note, I don't see the reason behind rushing character creation so in the end, I have to waste a complete makeover kit to make the character actually look like I want it to. Has anyone else experienced this and kn
  7. Second this. Being yelled at 'CC! CC!!!' and not knowing what the kitten is going on is bad, very bad.Even worse is fighting a champ and being the only one unloading their CC skills only to see the last tiny bit if defiance still standing...
  8. It's not just invisible lines on the ground. Most of us are across water too. Big water, ocean water! It's really tough to get out there you know. You can use codes from anywhere in the world, the restriction is (supposed to be) on getting the codes through the app. Anet have actually encouraged people who get codes they don't need to give them to those who can't get them so you'll be fine using a code you got yourself. If there was something like that I'm sure we would have read it by now, maybe via Google. Yeah, one may still dream, right?
  9. Oh man, if there was just a way to get this outfit as non-US player.I mean, if there was something like a GW2 KFT workaround... ah well!Seems like I'm badly out of luck here.dramatic sigh
  10. Lol, some guys really know how to mess up situations. Just to put this straight: I'm not good enough to receive a lousy T-Shirt, but still good enough so they can take my money? Interesting.Maybe it's time to make this level of appreciation mutual. Nice Bait and Switch, btw. Edit: This one is disappointed, to say the least.
  11. Trying to do the content while it was still hot ant steaming, ended up disconnecting all the time.Now I know why I always used to wait before I played the newest content. Maybe I should return to doing just that.A more qualified feedback will follow in this spot, but as of now it's Disconnectopia.
  12. Same story here. Went nowhere without my dictionary =)
  13. Perhaps try what I did and learn proper English? It comes in handy in more than just one way, believe me.Even with the German game setting existing in the game, I play it in English. The VOs are better and some of the translations really make my toes curl.
  14. Count me in! Spending hours after hours to design some detailed, awesome armor and then subsequently ruining it by covering all the details and awesomeness with useless glowy effects seems really dumb to me. But hey, tastes differ, amiright?
  15. When that's the case, that will just be another Legendary I'll never even consider making.Can't sell it.Cant' stand to look at it.Better make another Gen1 to sell.
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