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  1. Do everyone a favor and never create a post again.
  2. You have over 50 open world maps to play. Chill.
  3. Gear inspect would be very helpfull for group content. We could give each other tips on how to improve our gear or let people know when they got the wrong template on.
  4. I want every mention of death to be removed from the game because my hamster Timmy died 6 years ago.
  5. In gw2 you play melee even if your weapon is ranged because boons and healing will be at melee range. It's also easier to rezz and get rezzed. Soulbeast axe 5 with sick'em is the hardest hitting skill in the game, and that's a melee skill.
  6. Players that range a boss while you are meleeing it don't deserve fury. If the fury doesn't reach them so won't your quickness.
  7. Tempest was the only dps spec in raids for at least until w3 released.
  8. I taught raids myself on druid. W1,3,4. I got 146 LI before I joined my first training guild. Weird.
  9. Make your own squad. If after over 6 years of raids you havent gotten into a training run I feel like there are more you related issues than game related ones.
  10. Have you tried making your own group instead of complaining about what others do?
  11. It takes a kittened up personality to imagine that people lead training runs for their ego.
  12. The next strike, including a challenge mode, has already been confirmed. It will be Battle for Lions Arch.
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