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  1. The event is designed to reward leeching.
  2. Make them. Use your abilities to force them to stand still.
  3. MikeZ on stage said that templates will be free. Weeks later you have to pay for more slots. You now said that access and use of legendary armory is free. If you pull the same thing for armory you did with templates prepare for a massive backlash.
  4. But you still need 2.2k gold next to map completion and farming dragonite ore.
  5. Is it april 1st again already? Just to give one example, power tempest uses water instead of fire because of the damage modifiers.
  6. You answered your own question. People pay $$$ for gems to convert them to gold and buy legendary weapons with it.
  7. This has nothing to do why my system if everyone's game perfomence dies when those backpieces are around.
  8. Vermillion Backpiece, Mandala Backpiece and now Seraph Backpiece. Having someone with one of these backpieces near you reduces the already low fps of the game by a lot. If the user is a mesmer then it's game over for your pc because one backpiece becomes four. I just had one ranger with vermillion and a chrono with seraph at Gorseval and Sabetha and my game was close to freezing with the amount of stutters. The entire raid squad was having that issue. After asking both players to hide their backpiece it went a lot smoother. There is some faulty coding going on with your newest addi
  9. Ok. So. They had three goals. Lowering banner warrior dps, enabling tactics as an alternative to discipline and buffing spellbreaker. Banner warriors now have to use Doubled Standards for 10 man banners which also has lost half of the additional personal stat increase, meaning more assassin's pieces are required to crit cap. Both of this results in 50 less ferocity and even more of a loss in power. The problem is that this trait is in discipline. They wanted to make this trait line not mandatory but made it even more mandatory. Next to Fast Hands (50% cd reduction on weapon swap) and D
  10. You can't even write damage (d.a.m.a.g.e.) and mandatory (m.a.n.d.a.t.o.r.y.) without getting censored.
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