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  1. Map completion.Raid Training.Dailies.Um...Leveling classes.Contemplating on whether to waste time making an Elementalist or not.
  2. That's still terrible.151 gold to get 63 levels.The level amount is not bad, but... I think leveling even from 1 to 63 I couldn't even get 151 gold like that.And also "New player" having 151 gold unless they bought from the gem conversion (and in that case I think it would be even cheaper to just buy a level 80 boost) doesn't help.
  3. And on top of all this a lot of people do still use crafting as a quick way to level. You can't go from 1-80 just by crafting any more, but it still gives a significant chunk of XP for what they consider a reasonable gold cost. I think there would be a lot of anger if that was taken away. There was enough of a fuss when they made learned recipes account-wide, because some people thought it meant you wouldn't be able to discover recipes another character already knows and therefore wouldn't get the XP. Right. That wouldn't affect veterans much, since many have huge stockpiles of tomes of knowl
  4. Per game and Taimi: Asura. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Buried_Insight: Tizlak was right. The city appears long dead. I guess we won't find any allies to rally for our cause. Taimi: Such a pity. All those asura.For stuff created by asura : asuran.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/The_Way_In : I’m looking for Rata Novus. Ever heard of it? Tizlak: Rata… Hmm… : That doesn’t sound promising. Tizlak: I’m assuming you mean an old asuran city? Aha. Good. So I've been saying it right all along.
  5. The question to ask is, despite the most asked race is Tengu, how many out of all of the GW2 players WANT to play Tengu?Is it a lot? Or a vocal minority?
  6. Yesterday right after the patch me and my friend was going for the jumping puzzle in Lion's Arch. They were bugging out on my screen and I was bugging out on theirs.Wasn't my connection and it wasn't theirs either. After a while I saw them running into the wall and they saw me floating in the air near the water in the beginning.During this time They were standing next to me floating near the water on their screen while I was near the shark within the jumping puzzle (was trying to lead them to the shark as they were a Ranger and didn't have the pet yet). We both decided to log out and log back
  7. Asura for race.Asuran for their things (Asuran dish, Asuran technology). That's how I've been saying it.
  8. Thinking about it. It should be scaled like PvE stuff. Someone in a one person guild being able to take on 50 people from one squad and their stats are buffed for a 50 on 1 fight.That would make for some awesome videos.The one person would get Legendary status.Same for if someone is against let's say 25 vs 50. The 25 get a Veteran status or something.10 against 50 would get Elite statue maybe.5 against 50 are Champions.
  9. I personally rather see the horrid ideas that some of the people on here come up with and try to get my newspaper to hit them and go "No! Bad! Bad! No!" before Arenanet somehow listens to them.
  10. You tell the internet... I don't care how less toxic GW2 community is as a whole compared to online games... you tell the internet that something is coming as soundso date.The moment you do that and anything happen and needs to be pushed back... you might as have killed their family and ate their pets as they will treat you the same if you have done the same... AND set back the release date.
  11. I didn't even know they were in Cantha and/or GW1.That just settles it... GIVE ME THE KAPPA HAIRSTYLE!
  12. After doing that.... Give Sylvaris a Kappa hairstyle.You can't tell me it would not work. You can NOT tell me it would not work. Plant people.Leaves sticking out the side-top of their head.Water puddle-plate on top of their head. Come on.
  13. LaunchBuddy started out as a command line assistant, then later added basic support for launching multiple accounts. I've never used it, so I only know what it can do from the reddit posts, plus the complaints about it sometimes not working and problems with patching / having to manually update. I thought they added this feature, but I didn't see it listed, so fun fact, for every launch, GW2 will create a new %temp%/gw2cache folder, which can quickly add up. Gw2Launcher is my personal launcher I made back when they did the $10 accounts, which is specifically for running multiple accounts. As s
  14. I do hope there's enough people out there that would want the race they add to play and hope they release the race for those people.I personally will not play the new race because I know the races I want playable Arenanet will not make playable.No, I don't want to play as a Tengu.
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