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  1. I agree to balance professions in pvp for a more fun game. But ... rev can not be offensive and defensive at the same time, RP was already 50% nerf along with 80% of other skills were nerfs, what the hell ... complain about evasion frames because a skilled player with rev He used exactly the skills he needed to use at the time it was necessary and you also want to punish him for that, play and test before throwing the professions underground, more specifically those that have 1 or 2 playable constructions in pvp. English is not my language, excuse me.
  2. The table of Ventari in rev needs to work like the new gyroscopes of scrapper, in no other way it will work in pvp so awkward it feels.
  3. I think that what you explain can corroborate what happened to me also with some chrono. You have reminded me of an error, which is very absurd, if you configure in the options "change to next ally" your allies never mark, only the pets and minions of your allies ... but never your teammate. This is as illogical as that chrono bug. Gw3 and we finished before XD
  4. I post this because it's the latest batch of nerfs to what has been the most complained about class for the eight months since Disenchanter Chrono was nerfed and deserves to be discussed. You are right, the mirage can still evade while receiving hard cc, we must make it disappear, or include it in EM or give it to all professions ;)
  5. "> Revs : they need more condi clears options, and less upfront damage, also, only exception to the healing scaling, they just need sustain in general, but only after the upfront damage is shifted around to be more over time through autoattacks or other skills." I do not understand ... Automatic attacks? you pretend to speculate on how to balance a class without saying what or why is this op? I do not mean to offend, but do you know how rev works? Download damage where? Why? More support? Rev what you need is rework of renegade, the main thing would be that and then repair errors that have
  6. you're making the game clunkier instead of doing the opposite, which is a random suggestion i threw awhile ago in a random thread that the game should be modernized by completely removing stuff like this (from all classes) and making your character turn around to make the game feel more fluid and better but instead you're going in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION? That makes no sense whatsoever. on top of that so a 3 illusion combo with axe which requires all your resources and cooldowns and to be in exposed melee range and for your enemy to fail dodging, fail cleansing, fail using resistance, fail by
  7. Actually we need more weapons, the revs can only use a set of weapons condi, or a set power, ax in main hand and dagger off hand would be very well received for us.
  8. Hummm, you forgot to mention the absurdly more toxic that exists in gw2 "dodge while you are dazed, sunk, rejected" ... that only and exclusively has the profession to which you defend. This guy plays mirage very well, you can go to see ;) https://www.twitch.tv/tykolgw2/clip/ThirstyPiliableWerewolfBigBrother?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time
  9. Although I agree in part, there are several ways to make exchanges with full security. An example would be a pop-up window, where each of the two that will make the exchange can see their boxes and objects that both deposit in real time, when accepting each one of them another window emerges for both to accept that exchange, in case of that one of them does not accept the exchange will be canceled. We all know that it is not implemented by monetary question, since there are sure ways to exchange things. Greetings. Translated from Spanish
  10. i managed to get grandmaster in another game which took me a few hundred hours to grind while also maintaining my legendary status in gw2 while barely playing the last few weeks cus i simply didn't care much but i did it anyway cus i actually know how to play the game unlike people who write biased stuff and defend garbage mechanics cause its the only thing keeping them semi-relevant if you had to beat Connor McGregor in a boxing match it would be harder than if you just had to toss a coin and have a 50% chance of winning so you can see how unskilled players want the game to be more simplified
  11. I do not know why, but I have to rectify your irony, I just play REV and I can prove it to you, I've tried all the damage constructions and the 3 of the sword. You should ALWAYS dodge it if you are alone vs rev, 5x 1.5 ~ 2k is the damage that He usually does unrelenting assault. And you had things to counteract it ... I'm surprised you do not scream nerf backstab 18 ~ 20k from stealth ... What I think is absurd is your version of "that sword 3 is not a skill that has to dodge" oks show your ltp needed :)
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