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  1. They can set EOTM up as a weeklong WVW event, kinda like super golem, no down state, etc. All they have to do is figure a way to award pips in the map. They don't have to develop any other features, just pips. The pip amount doesn't even have to be as lucrative as regular wvw, just give pips. It'll probably their most popular wvw event, attended by pve casuals and FTPs with multiple instances going at the same time.
  2. Anet should make EOTM a week long event, at least, once per matchup, complete with pips and, perhaps, special drops. It'll be a great way to involve/introduce the heavy-pve population to wvw. I'm curious if there are any devs left in the roster who remember how busy EOTM was before pips. Those were great times.
  3. Kinda happens a few times a day already, mostly in defending objectives, other times when someone pings a low tier tower/keep in /t as a target.
  4. In NA, getting rid of T4 will prolly solve some pop problems though coverage may still be an issue.
  5. ESO has something like this it seems. I don't play ESO, so I don't know the details, but it has something to do with signing up for a campaign by picking an alliance, but you can be a guest at another campaign anytime you feel like it. I believe that there's a time limit for each campaign, so once time runs out, you get to sign up for a new one. I don't keep up with ESO at all, so I don't know if there are any pop balance issues.
  6. DAOC has something like this. They're called relics. Each side has 2 and if opposing realms capture your relic(s), they get a bonus on damage, heals, or both in rvr and pve. Since, capturing/losing relics has consequences, relic raids are often epic. From what I recall, there are two parts. (1) Sieging structures / taking relic -- we're all familiar w/ this. It's just breaking down walls/gates. (2) Running the relic back to your keep -- this can be epic too. You're gonna need a full zerg as escort. Of course, they'll need a full zerg to take it from you while on the run. So if the carrier die
  7. Or don't call it a tournament, but let's have competitive WvW event every relink weekend. Why? To breathe life back into a slowly dying game mode (as this forum describes it). Why relink weekend? To avoid stacking and only for that weekend to avoid burnout. THE PROPOSAL: A Weekend-long Tournament Style WVW Event REWARDS: Pip Buff +3 pips - 1st place, +2 - 2nd, +1 - last Each player who meets the EVENT PARTICIPATION CREDIT (see below) shall receive a pip buff. Pip Buff duration shall be 168 hours (7 days) after the event and resets to 0 for the next relink. While it's active, the pip buff is a
  8. Just randomize the borderland assignments with the server rankings each reset so that 1st rank is not perpetually green, 2nd blue, and 3rd red respectively. This way, rank 1's can be red sometimes and be pushed to defend what many believe to be the most difficult borderland to protect (but probably the easiest EB territory). Plus, the game won't feel stale.
  9. Make it a weekend (7pm pst Fri, reset - 7pm pst Sun). Once per new links. Announce it ahead of time. I've never experienced wvw tourney, but I can understand the burnout. Some players described the experience to me as a 2nd job. Sounds awful. That's why keep it as a weekend event. Week long might be too much. Also, incorporate eotm by doubling supplies to winners of matches. Maybe even figure out pips and/or reward participation for those who only played eotm during the tourney. I'm in BG, so I can see slow-moving ques happening. But I'd like some sort of tourney in wvw to happen.
  10. EOTM should be a WVW event. Get pips & level xp for a week and it will compete with EB for activity.
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