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  1. I'm proud of the community for the useable feedbacks, and grateful for the devs to listening to them. The changes so far seems great, I'm hyped to test the Vindicator, the Harbinger and the Untamed changes. One little feedback and idea: The change on the Unleash visual effect is great, and maybe could be great to do the same /something similar with the Soulbeast visual effect. It's a bit hard to create a dark/edgy style while merged and having a vivid spiritual effect on the character.
  2. The Spec feel agile, the greatsword skills are good in their class, the alliace legend feels a bit underwhelming/complicated to use and doesn't have many viability in PvE game modes, the F2 skill is to demanding to use (high energy cost). Overall the spec is versatile, allowes damage and support (or even hybrid) playstyle (mostly with older legends). 1 tiny trifle: the new dodge animation has 2 parts: standing up from the strike and pulling out the sword fron the ground, then swirling with the main hand weapon weapon. While the the first part understandable would seem weird during movemen
  3. Enabling the Dx11 preventing OBS, Twitch Studio and Streamlabs to recognize the game, or turns the whole record to black/transparent.
  4. Greetings weary travelers! Be welcomed at the "Tavern of Tyrian Tales"! Hey! What a nice hat you have! Care to show to the waitress? No? Sad, she would really warm you up. Anyway, grab some ale at the bar, take a seat at the fireplace and listen to the tale of the old hermit. Half blind, half deaf, but honest and has some great stories. Do you have some too? Great! Share with the crowd! See that shady fella in the corner? Looking for someone for an adventure. Are you interested? Reserve a table at me (Elbritil.3817) at the bar, or leave a mail in the mailbox.
  5. Reading all these comments about pros/cons of buffing Reaper, place of Reaper on the palette of professions, searching through multiple threads about this topic, here are my toughts, insights and (at the end) ideas. So, what merits Reaper has from PvE perspective and what relevancy these have. - 35K dps (sustained, not peak) -> reliable in any scenario, big room for errors, easy to keep it up (+). - selfreliance -> good, but irrelevant in raid scenario (0) - low to no mobility -> definitely downside (-) - selfishness (nothing to give to the group over the beaf if has
  6. The problems I was facing many times is that:1: If I use a cultural armor skin on an ascended armor, other character with different race cant wear it.2: (connecting 50% to the first one) Two character with the same armor set cant have different styles, only using outfits, wich takes away the option for creativity. Solution/sugession:1: If an account has the cultural armor of the same type and tier unlocked in the wardrobe (f.e. Human heavy T3 & Norn heavy T3), make the armor with cultural armor skin equipable for other race, just switch the skin to the equivalent counterpart of that races
  7. Make older (before capes) backs dyeable too, or atleast those wich has a glider variate to be able to make unique matching glider-back combos (other than base coloring)
  8. Realy small thing, but imporving the legendary weapon skill effects. The most stuning and epic skills doesnt get the legendary effects (Ranger Barrage) and sometimes it comes out akward the skill isnt modified from the effect (Guardian symbols: holy-style blue-ish/white-ish with Twilight's dark blackness/redness), or simply does nothing special (Shooshadoo -> Guardian Shield of Absorption / Warrior Shield Stance). They are asesome looking, but compared for the price and prestige of such weapons, not only specific skills should get the effect, but all of them (or atleast all those, wich has
  9. As much I find the idea great, that would realy mess up the fragile balance of the game. The mastery idea however could be used a bit other way: unlocking 1 other professions traitlines and weapons for the character (necroguardian or mesmerranger). OC only the original classes espec couldbe used, but could variate weaponskills with the seconagy profs weapon skill (reaper gs2 to guardian gs2). In traits 2 primary class traitlines and 1 secundary (spite-zeal-reaper). That could make interesting combinations. BUT the idea demands 1 hardline, what my community thought about amy times: ALL traitlin
  10. Many said that "kralki fainted" and Caith will be the key". I think none of these 2 (not entirely).First: Kralki didnt fainted. That we stabbed him was dangerous for him, he was realy diing, but he is and elder dragon. The last bast was a scared movement to flee (worked perfectly for him).Second: Caith i think wont bring Aurene back, she will be just some detekcor/indicator.The plot I have in mind:First: Aurene absorbed Joko's "immortal-returning-never truly dead" powers, wich I think remained hers, cuz Kralki didnt absorbed any magic in the cinematic while leaving the area in haste (half of h
  11. I think the old idea what we crafted with some friends would bring interesting (and fun) changes to the game.1.: I think an elite spec should accurately defined role(all classes, necro is just an example now): Preaper:Full power, Scourge: full condi (its name doesnt fit for support for me), next elite spec: Full support (banshee/vampire lord/little killer rabid/anything). Elite spec should modifie/enhance the flexible options of the base classes.2.: As we saw the builds in the last years, we realized that many spec doesnt use its own "traitline skills". Maybe it restricts some options, but wou
  12. The pain is real I see. Like virgins cryin' after their lover when they go to war, knowing they'll never return... and the actual event was just a slap to the child in the inn from the innkeeper. Mesmer was in every exp and gamemode the Tier0-godmode-OTP-goldenchild, while other classes was in chains in the cellar (curtsey from necro). In the recent times Anet unleashed some prisoners, shown the cellar to mesmers and they are terrified so see whats outside of their bubble they lived in. "Oh my god! I cant play the a class what is the only tank in Raid , while killing everything with 3 skills i
  13. grab ur pitchforks and torches, but I had an idea back in the old forums, and had years ago a good reception.So, we have specter = ranged condi weap.axe = "RANGED" power weap.GS = meele power weap. (exp. bound)dagger = another meele power weap (should be our meele condi option, but that an other topic)aaaaaaaaand we have our brain dead staff, wich feels like I'm holding Antonina or Sikandar in my hand (and meant in the bad way). A pile of patchworked poo. ![]( "") So. Our traits cover every style what the necromancer can wear: monstrous power, a living plague, death itself and so on. And we ha
  14. Hey! I'm fairly new to mesmer and planing to build it for pve tank. Runing thorugh the traits I've seen this trait, that transfers boons from phantasms to the mesmer when shattered. In more discussions I've seen that it's not a loved trait, cuz it has no great use in pvp, and many does not shatter enough to have any use of it, or the phantasms doesnt have enpugh boon to worth it. Wont be a bad idea to improve it to transfer alacrity and distortion too (would be a nice sinergy with Protected Phantasms trait).Opinions, ideas?
  15. I've tested several things on spellbreaker in the beta, and i ended up with D/D + A/Sh. perfect mobility, high burst, ok survive, and nearly never had problem to close up to any opponent. Mesmers, Thiefs, and many of guardians just melted in secs agains D/D, and A/Sh had enough deffence till the CDs are gone. Great gap closers. My final build was marauder with eagle runes, but wurm was good too.
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