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  1. As Title states, please revert. These changes have pulled the class in the wrong direction. The changes made to make Blight feel more interactive are just not what the class needs. If you wish to have some form of interaction, allow us to please remove and add blight as we desire. Simple solutions for this is to allow skills/elixirs to be used when in Shroud, as lets face it shroud offers NOTHING now without the Passive regen, the extra damage from blight is pitiful when you still have to sacrifice so much HP. If you want shroud to interact with
  2. Guess I have misunderstood that skill for years then. Lesson learned.
  3. Swapping from soul reaping to curses has opened a few other avenues. With that in mind and out of curiosity, would you max duration for all conditions at 100% (50% base + 50% lingering curse) or 80% (30% base + 50% lingering curse). The reason I ask is that from what I can tell quite a bit of the condition damage comes from bleed (also torment), if you max condition duration at 100% for all, you waste the 20% bleed from curses barbed precision. Cheers
  4. Have no preference regarding damage type, happy to play either condi or power. Last build looks interesting, I'll give it a try. Luckily I have every gear stat imaginable. Thanks!
  5. If you would be so kind too, I'm all ears. I'm not so arrogant that I believe my way is the only way. I started this thread and its intention is to explore different paths other than the well travelled META ones. If there is something I can learn from your experience, please post a build, I'm sure I can deduce the gist of its primary intent from the gear/trait/utility selection if you do not wish to give a detailed breakdown yourself. Thanks
  6. I intend to tweak it if it's required the need to do so, if I find myself running low on LF when in large scale combat, I will swap out Zealots piece-by-piece until I find myself at a stable LF pool amount. This build/post was me simply trying to get some input and narrow down the vast options available when playing DPS/support hybrids to best accomplish the way I want to play. Given that scourge can do quite a few things I tried to dip into many of its potential pools, DPS/heals/barrier/might/RES'ing as possible. Whether it is META/viable is not my goal with it. So If that means going full ma
  7. Guess I'll give it a try and see how it works out, thanks for the feedback and ideas. Much appreciated.
  8. Yeah I was stacking boon duration for might stack, wasn't aware 60% would be enough. With that in mind, would something like THIS suffice? If allies and myself are not struggling with conditions, I could swap plague signet for blood is power or perhaps have the best of both worlds and run with well of power which offers condition-to-boons as well as might. Both these alternatives should plug any might generation gaps. Thanks
  9. Guess its either harrier for boon uptime or full magi then. Cheers for feedback.
  10. So DPS wise, would I be better focusing Power or condition? I tried both, but on reflection, trying to incorporate healing as well as Power/condition damage may be spreading stats too much unless I go celestial which then compromises healing.
  11. Hello, Been getting bored of reaper and want to mix it up a little, I like the look of the magi support scourge and the sustain/mitigation that it can output. This is something I'm looking to replicate without completely gimping myself damage wise. So far I have came up with THIS BUILD. Build breakdown Maintains nearly 100% uptime on burns.Fairly decent might generation, should plug any gaps for those that have trouble maintaining 25 stacks.Decent healing output.Maintains res capability. (although not running mercy runes)Good barrier application.Decent cleanse.This is not for fractals/raids so
  12. My question is regarding stat selection, I'm well aware of the game mechanics surrounding agro being driven by toughness, again, this is about selection of Vitality and/or Toughness. I do not intend to raid/fractal with this gear. When in reaper shroud I'm running 100% Crit rate, out of shroud with 25 stacks in vulnerability (not hard when running Reaper/Spite/Soul Reaping, I'm at 82% out of shroud, this is all self buffed so utilising the ferocity gained when running Valkyrie or cavalier with no Crit stats is no issue hence the focusing on Valkyrie and/or Cavalier gear, I don't not require Cr
  13. Trying to decide on gearing but not 100% sure on how to maximise burst whilst retaining durability. Currently have three trains of thought.1) Full Valkyrie with damage reduction skills/mods/food. I'm aware that the stacking is multiplicative.2) Full Cavalier with damage enhancing mods/food etc3) 1:1 vitality/toughness ratio Valkyrie/Cavalier mix, again, want to keep max ferocity for reaper bursting. As I do not raid, please no META full zerk blah blah. Just wondering which of the 3 above would be best approach. Thanks in advance
  14. Whilst for obvious reasons I understand that these skills should be locked for use when in shroud, what is the point behind removing my ability to view their cooldowns? I have traited "Signets of Suffering" which decreases my signet cooldown timer by a fixed % every second whilst I'm in shroud. So why not let me know when these signets have recharged or should I have to guess? It isn't a major issue simply a QoL thing and would help me maximise my Signet usage for healing/sustain as I currently use Signet of Vampirism and Signet of Locust to heal myself up when engaged in heavy fighting. Cheer
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