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  1. The utility skill Fist Flurry -> Palm Strike does trigger a Pulmonary Impact, too - right?
  2. And what is this Pulmonary Impact I'm reading about?
  3. Title. Does this work with Staff / Rifle? I guess not, because of the lack of dual attacks, but that would be incredibly silly and a letdown for that trait. So, can someone enlighten me?
  4. You seem to miss the problem. Harvesting nodes in WvW is completely fine. But WvW has a different ruleset than PvE and therefore suffers from changes made to player versus player encounters.
  5. Hey there, I'm fairly new to the Thief profession and I started this class because I love Deadeye and find the Specter concept to be really cool. But over the last days, my interest about Daredevil has increased as I read more about it and found its playstyle to be really unique and cool. But I couldn't really make up my mind on how it is played or what its usecase is. Deadeye is long range (power) damage and Specter can either be heal-support or (condi) DPS. But Daredevil? Is it just a (power) DPS or is it similar to Spellbreaker in how it cracks down specific opponents etc.? Can s
  6. WvW is PvP and therefore the change in regards to farming / gathering should be seen under that circumstance.
  7. Fairly new to Thief and I found the Sword to be terrible. What exactly is its use case?
  8. I've read several posts and opinions now that Deadeye in fact is stronger and more potent after the Stealth changes than it was before. I can see issues for core melee Thieves, but for Deadeyes? Don't see it. And why are you branding all the people as "haters" who agree with the change or can see where it came from? I think playing around with stealth is way cooler than camping in stealth.
  9. Your comparison doesn't work as you still can use Stealth. You just can't use it as long as you've been used to it. The only thing relevant to your playstyle was the duration. I dislike that the removed Stealth from Steal and Heal because that's an integral part of combat. But your playstyle aka farming has no impact on the game at all, there's no balance required for farming as you want to avoid combat as much as possible. Unless they want to introduce a third way of balancing things (PvE - PvP/WvW - Farming), farming will always come last because overall it has the least impact and rel
  10. Farming should be bottom of the barrel when it comes to balancing. Simply because it does not matter at all and doesn't interact with other players in any way. In PvP balance matters to make fights with other players balanced and in PvE it matters to make your class / spec a competitive choice. If you gather herbs or ores 1 seconds faster or not is completely irrelevant. In any case.
  11. You don't need to engage in combat for combat effects aka fields. Honestly, no idea how anyone after playing for such a long amount of time could have missed that. It's one of the most basic concepts in Guild Wars 2 "combat". Luckily they work everywhere, never witnessed players using them in cities?
  12. I think the only one they should have kept is Stealth for Steal. That felt iconic and should still be an option.
  13. Honestly, thank god this isn't possible anymore. This playstyle is fun only for one group of people, the ones using it. For all others it's a terrible and frustrating experience.
  14. I think we really shouldn't expect that for the in-between-patch. Major changes will come in 3 months and I am sure they'll better preview and explain them this way, but I think for this smaller balance patch it will be number tuning and that's it. And for that you don't need much explanation anyway besides this ability over- / underperformed.
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