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  1. An error occurs when attempting to access leaderboard information for friends on the leaderboards site: https://leaderboards.guildwars2.com/en/eu/achievements/friends This only started occurring after yesterday's patch, it seems.
  2. I do not believe those were ever implemented, or at least never functional in the state that they claimed.
  3. Unicorn skin, preferably for Warclaw so I can actually use it. I don't care if it's 1,000 gems or 10,000 gems. Just take my money.
  4. This is hugely encouraging to hear! Thanks for linking that. I think ultimately keeping them somewhat powerful, but limiting their use to be a defensive tactic for the structure they're slotted in is the best solution personally as it solves a lot of the problems while granting defenders that may be struggling an additional advantage which I think makes sense. For now though, if they're being kept as they are in terms of how they work, toning down the most problematic elements of them is sensible as a band-aid to limit their oppressiveness. Changes to skills #3 and #5 will definitely be welc
  5. Many of us were disappointed about the lack of appropriately targeted balance changes to Dragon Banners with the last balance patch. This post intends to act as a compendium of problems and potential solutions to bring banners more into balance in WvW. ProblemsDragon's Breath (Skill #5)Getting straight to the point, the number 5 skill on Dragon Banners is seen as one of its most fundamental issues presently. With the nerfs to damage, sustain and healing across the board in the large balance patch some time ago for all classes, items like the Dragon Banner were completely skipped over as its
  6. If you want to absolutely confirm your KP, you can use a community made solution that pulls that info. from an API key and shows it so there can be no debate: https://killproof.me/ I'd say it was pretty rare that Fractal groups demand this level of proof, however. The only situation I've seen eyebrows raised at a KP ping is if someone pings KP and shows up on a strange/suboptimal build very obviously running poor traits or utilities, or they fail at basic stuff they should be doing as part of their role in the 1st fight or so.
  7. Even just letting us salvage them for an arbitrary number of Badges of Honor would be a QoL upgrade.
  8. I don't care how hard you claim to be "listening." It's all cheap, meaningless words we've heard 1,000 times before. I, and I suspect many others, want concrete action. We want to see change. Things that have been heard, discussed and turned into something tangible that actually affects the game and has an impact on players actually playing the game mode. You've had 7 years to listen. It's time for action: action that breaks the stagnation that this game mode has been in for quite some time which many people have lost hope in ever changing due to the lack of any concrete changes occurrin
  9. I hope the stand-alone White Mantle Outfit comes back to the store soon.
  10. Same issue. Same NPC: I started this collection from scratch yesterday and stalled here because this is blocking progress. Chose heavy armor skins from the previous two if it matters. Sad face.
  11. Talk to me, friend.
  12. SBI is a dead server. I believe you mean the mighty Republic of Kaineng.
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