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  1. on 00:46 in the end you can see a Ritualist outfit
  2. im having problem downloading the game, my MB speed goes from 10MB/SEC to 0KB/SEC on and off and it doesnt download the rest, just stuck at 0, any clues?
  3. i was excited to meet the new race but the voice stood up so much i just couldnt think about anything then, was that an asura? no accent? no koda the wind koda the claw like terms from them? be swift? may the wind carry you? quack? something
  4. specially cuz she's young she wont develop an out side accent
  5. i loved canach, didnt even notice its not the old 1NVM i did it a 2nd time and its horrible compare to the OG canach, and i was never a fan of him
  6. The Olmakhan were some sort of tribe and they had their way of talking, their "accent" and the terms they useThe Koda came from far away and they aren't the best in "Tyrian Language" TENGU? they sound like asura and they speak fluent Tyrian and they were closed behind the walls almost no contect to life out side, Anet is losing touch
  7. there were tengu in the trailer but no tengu in this episodealso, im kinda disapointed waited a few months just to replay the same map ive been in for the past 5 or more years
  8. also i wonder how many people bought POF in the 1st week compare to HOT
  9. The storyThe mapThe elite specsThe mountseverything is fantastic fun and beautfill and im glad this expension brought me back to the game, left for a year after HOT.BUT.... the map seems empty not alot of people are there, i know it might be cuz the map is huge, but still i would like to see more people.the events are fun and the dialogs are funny and interesting but bosses are quite weak and i didnt notice if there are world bosses or some big evens like chak garent, mordremoth's mouth, tarrir, it will be a real shame if there isnt something as big as mordremoths mouth which is the best map i
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