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  1. this is a good idea. just give the symbol a special border, e.g. flaming or whatever. Just something to see that it is now the 3rd AA.
  2. Yeah, I agree with you. Not all players pay attention to it, but for those who do, it would be helpful. I don't see the hit animation very well in raids or events. Because of many effects, other players standing "inside you", scrolled out camera and watching the autohit icon all the time (skill bar) is also difficult.
  3. Hey Devs und Community, is it possible to add an indicator for the last autohit in the game (settings)? Sometimes in the heat of the fight it is difficult to see when the last autohit is cast. For some autohits the cast time of the 3rd hit is longer, but not for all of them. I would suggest to offer a possibility that the cast bar of the 3rd autohit can have a different color than yellow. (e.g. green) What do you think?
  4. For those who are still looking for a amazing GW2 hook preset: http://tekkitsworkshop.net/index.php/gw2-taco/download
  5. Thanks for the answers. I can very often recognize the Revenant here. What would you rather recommend?Condi Herald or Shortbow Renegade (both open world builds on metabattle)
  6. yes exactly, for me it is not important to do the things quickly!
  7. What is currently the easiest class, specialization to play open world content, where you can also make some mistakes?Like solo bounty hunting, or soloing legendary champs or some group events?
  8. Hey Community, I want to change my shader injector from SweetFX Preset Selector (currently Dragons Reborn preset) to GW2 Hook, so I am currently searching for the "best" GW2 Hook preset.Unfortunately WoodenPotatoes dont share his preset. :/ So I searched some presets and found this: [Giveaway and Megathread] Guild Wars 2-Reshade 3.0 Presets List!wickwire's preset #2Ciel Vizion | A beautiful Gw2Hook preset finally!andGW2 6XF Reshade (GW2 Hook mod) 2018Which presets can you recommend?
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