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  1. This. You can sell your celestal infusion and buy two (or even 3) +9 Mighty Infusions. I belive one Mighty +9 Infusion cost around 70-72g each.
  2. Well, my Phenom II X4 955 3,2Ghz and GTX 1050 can run GW2 pretty smooth at medium settings.
  3. > Log in. > Checking who is online, usually nobody I can talk with because I left my biggest guild. Now I play with couple in-game friends, but we mostly talk on Discord. > Checking daily DRMs. omg, Snowden and Brisban, seems I won't be kicking Destroyers today. > Looking at other characters in EoTN. This armor is nice... nevermind, it's from WvW. > Trying to create a new outfit for my character. Everything would we nice without that tail clipping through armor... > Festival. I wonder what are these tokens... they look like cookies. > Running
  4. In Open World, I play revenant just like enginner, but with 4 weapon kits (2 legends and 2 weapon sets). I mostly sit on 1 legend until I need different utility skills, heal or just refresh my energy.
  5. They should instantly break into sticks and planks, just like boats in old versions of Minecraft when you hit something.
  6. A tengu called Birdperson, because why not? Probably a ranger, because I don't have a ranger.
  7. Nope. Downed state shouldn't be a part of your rotation because you play full dps glass cannon build and you can't kill 3 mobs without almost dying. You should do whatever you can to not go into downed state. But you can find Bowl of Fire Salsa It's +100% downed health.
  8. As I know, a character name can not refer real-life people (GW2 Naming Policy), but what about all those names refering to real people from around the world, known mostly in one country? It's impossible to report. We can only report people for "Botting", "scamming", "Inaproppriate name" etc, and leave that to GMs. We can't send any additional information like "cheating", "teleporting", or "this name clearly refers to X person known in X country", "this is a profanity in X language" — I have seen many nicknames refering to some sexual acts, but not in english of course.
  9. Now I have a better reason to use pistol MH in Open world. Don't change that.
  10. Just Curses/Blood Magic build offers huge survivability and self healing. I can't even imagine how strong my necro will be with these runes. Probably better than Scourge. Sadly, I couldn't transfer my runes through bank.
  11. You can mix Cavalier and Knight stats, or Marauder + Knight. Or just play celestial.
  12. Chronomancers. Being able to control time is the most powerful thing that could ever exist. Chronomancer can literally split in two different time lines. You could switch them and jump into that one you win. The real problem is when you can't see you oponent and your fight is over before it starts, because Deadeyes don't care about fighting. They just want your death.
  13. Condi Scourge with Trailblazer/Rabid gear and Blood Magic. It's so tanky, that you shouldn't even lose your health. It's easier with minions. Celestial Firebrand is a mix of power, condi, heal and support in one. Still does decent damage while having a lot of boons and healing. Axe/Torch, Sword/Torch. Staff Daredevil or Rifle Deadeye, depends on situation, but Invigorating Precision is literally a god mode. Staff is about great AoE cleave, blind and weakness, but Rifle is better for soloing champions. Deadeye has access to boons (Protection, Regeneration, Fury, Might, Vigor), so you
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