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  1. What the title says. Do you like the name of our new elite spec? Would you prefer another name? If yes, which one? I searched for synonyms for "untamed", and "feral" caught my eye 🙂 I think The Feral would sound much better and would go well with Druid and Soulbeast (Druid - Soulbeast - Feral, vs Druid - Soulbeast - Untamed). Besides, when I say the name together with the race, Untamed sounds a bit... strange? Sylvari Untamed Norn Untamed Human Untamed Charr Untamed Asura Untamed With Feral it just flows better, I think: Sylvari Feral Norn Fe
  2. I’m not a fan of the name, I think Feral sounds better, but I’ll get used to it. I was also looking forward to a nature-related spec, but I’m very excited about this one too!
  3. I get the impression that this trailer was a bit shorter than previous ones, but still, I liked the Specter and will definitely give it a try during the beta.
  4. Hi everyone. I was doing map completion in Hoelbrak when I spotted this norn NPC (Nika Morkvist) in the Snow Leopard Lodge. Talking to the NPC, they say: - "Hey, good-lookin'. Come a little closer. I've got a secret for you." To which our character replies: - "I don't need any more secrets." I was wondering if this dialogue is related to something in specific in the lore (e.g. I was wondering if, by any chance, it concerned the Order of Whispers) or if it's just a random casual NPC dialogue. Thank you!
  5. I wouldn't mind creating an asura just for this purpose, however... On a more serious note, why are afros only used as a joke? That was a retorical question. I know why: Racism. And I'm sick of that. So, no thanks 😄
  6. Just like pretty much everything in life, people will have different tastes and preferences, and you can't please everyone at the same time with the same product/service. I'm super excited about EoD, and here's a summary as to why: - From what they've shown so far, I think the maps are beautiful, very rich in lore, with interesting events, and I know I'll have a great time exploring the maps, revisiting them later, and of course take tons of screenshots!; - The story seems to be interesting (to me), though I'd need to know more about canthan lore to properly comment on this;
  7. Characters' looks can help of course, when it's not an outfit and when it's medium or heavy armor (the ones I'm most familiar with).
  8. I think the new elite spec will focus more on nature itself. Druid - focus on celestial and astral force Soulbeast - focus on pets (merging with pet) New elite - focus on nature To me this makes sense. Let's see what we get 😉
  9. My favorite races are sylvari, charr, and norn 🙂
  10. I believe Anet has put/is putting a lot of thought into the lore and story in EoD, and I think we'll learn more about each elite spec's lore and idea behind.
  11. Why are you assuming we would play alone? Me and my mercenaries + someone else and their mercenaries 😄
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