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  1. I'm afraid I don't see how this links to any of the rest of your argument. Which results or techniques from complexity theory have you used to draw your conclusions? This might be clear to you, but since you haven't explained it, it's not at all clear to your readers. Without explaining your methods, your argument is unlikely to be persuasive (which, perhaps, is why so many of the responses disagree with you). These are not networks in the mathematical sense. They look more like heat maps – that is, plots of 2-variable functions – but they look to me like generic illustrative pictures of heat
  2. That's all well and good, but can someone explain why Season 2 story costs 1280 gems while Season 3 and 4 cost 960 gems. The Season 2 complete package unlocks just the story, since the maps are available to everyone, while Season 3 and 4 unlock all their respective maps as well as the story. Season 3/4 has more story, more maps, more content in general, and they cost less than Season 2. It's really weird that the Season that should be the cheapest, because it bridges core with expansion content in terms of difficulty, is the most expensive. Edit: Season 2 costs 435 gold or 16$ (20$ for 1600, t
  3. Charr 5 and norn 5 are both available. They're wearing Stalker armour, and the charr has Studded shoulders.
  4. The OP is so deadpan I can't tell if it's a joke... This is a great idea since it gets around all of the problems associated with introducing a new race! No need to remake old armour skins: oozes absorb gear rather than wear it.No need for new voice acting: oozes just gurgle.No need for a new starter zone: oozes start in Metrica Province.No need for new Level 10-30 story: oozes are eligible for the Snaff Prize.No need to retcon any of the story: it's totally plausible that an ooze would be appointed commander of the Pact, defeat several Elder Dragons and one god, get invited to Queen Jennah's
  5. A lot of the answers here focus on the lore reason behind this, and while they're interesting to read, I don't think it really answers the question – if the writers/designers had wanted to include hybrids, they would have changed the lore to accommodate that. As far as I know we don't have an official explanation as to why they decided to make the lore that way, so we can only speculate, really. I think there are lots of good reasons though, e.g. it would be a lot of work for little (if any) gain; it would dilute the distinctions between the existing races; if they were selective about which r
  6. I'm a bit confused about what's being proposed here. I assume "original sylvari concept" means the original elf-like design, before they were redesigned to look more like plants. But the Wardens from Echovald Forest don't have anything to do with sylvari, and they're nothing like the old elf-like concept either. We don't really know where the Wardens came from, but we do know that they're ancient – whereas sylvari are the newest race in Tyria. I mean, I see that there are visual similarities, but I don't see how they could justify making them a "sub-race" of the sylvari. So perhaps I'm misinte
  7. I partially agree with the OP. I don't think crafting requires a guide (by which I really mean I personally figured out how to craft weapons and armour without a guide), but I do think it's utterly tedious and unfun. Before the game was released, Mike O'Brien condemned other MMOs because they "feel like you're playing a spreadsheet", and yet crafting in GW2 is about as close as you can get to a playable spreadsheet. Not only is it dull, but you have to get through way too much of it before it also becomes useful. Unless you want any of the crafting-exclusive skins, there's no reason to craft a
  8. I agree with the OP, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. GW2 has a pretty inconsistent track record when it comes to faithfully recreating creatures from GW1. A few creatures in the core game kept similar designs, like grawl, ettins and raptors, but a lot of them had substantial redesigns. Trolls, skelk, skale, tengu, kraits, drakes, and even norn look quite different. The expansions are probably even less faithful. In HoT, saurians were redesigned so heavily that they don't even have the same species. In PoF, a lot of the Elonian wildlife from Nightfall was removed and replaced with completely
  9. Judging by the amount of visual noise in the teaser, that must be gameplay footage... right?
  10. Posters on this forum have a habit of shouting down any and all opinions, and I'm somehow unsurprised that some of them have now taken to shouting down facts as well. I agree that this is potentially misleading or confusing, and should be fixed. Haha, yes, . You realise this makes it worse, right?
  11. I agree about Kessex Hills. It's probably my least favourite map in the game because of the mess they made of it. To me, the ruins of the Tower of Nightmares are actually the least bad part of the Season 1 leftovers. The Toxic Alliance events annoy me way more - aside from being overtuned for a map of that level, they're given no context and the rest of the map behaves like they aren't there, as if the map is stuck in two points in time rather than one. It feels like the kind of mistake one might expect in a fan-made map, like "this level isn't hard enough so lets randomly scatter some tough e
  12. Read this as you misinterpreted the meaning behind their statement of "no grind" and continue to do so https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/game/gw2/No-grind-philosophy/page/4#post4733273 what is your point? are you trying to imply, that runes and sigils arent gear? or, that they dont improve my stats?or that i dont have to GRIND to get them? There is gear with runes on them and those are cheaper than crafted i think medium is nika, devona for heavy and light was maybe zheds i think still many hours of work with a questionable result, no thanks. specially since i never got past the experiment
  13. I don't hate any of the maps, but here are some I'm not so keen on: Kessex Hills. I think Kryta is generally the blandest region in the game anyway, and it lacks the atmosphere it used to have in GW1. That said, Kessex Hills has some interesting features and was good on release, but now it's a total mess of Season 1 leftovers, which have no context, and feature the always implausible Toxic Alliance. I guess I dislike the current Lion's Arch for similar reasons, but at least that's sort of coherent.Grothmar Valley. I don't understand why people seem to like it so much. There's basically no comb
  14. Wait, isn't this quote "Koda the judge and kodan the jury"? Or have I been mishearing (and miniterpreting) it all these years?!
  15. Definitely vanilla for me. I don't actually think the game was at it's best then, and there've been many design improvements and quality of life enhancements over the years, but it was definitely the time I enjoyed the most. It was fantastic to explore Tyria for the first time, and the personal story - especially the level 1-30 chapters - gave a real insight into the races and the world. I also much preferred the levelling experience at release. I particularly liked learning weapon skills by actually using the weapon, especially since it incentivised experimenting with different options while
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