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  1. I made my first character on june 6, 2014, so in a few more months it will be 8 years since i started playing GW2, and i've been loving (almost) every moment of it. Because of that, unlike many other people, i don't need a special reason to play EoD. Just give me more of the same stuff that i've been enjoying so far, and i'm happy.
  2. I don't know. I did the south meta twice the other day and both times there were more than enough people to successfully complete the events. Maybe you just ended up in an empty map? Try to use LFG to create a south meta squad or wait until Thunderhead Keep is the map of the day, so you can more easily gather enough players to do the meta.
  3. I played the full story of GW2 (minus living world season 1 because i joined the community right after it ended so i never got to play it) ten times with nine different classes (twice as a ranger 'cause i have two of them), and i don't remember any story boss fight being too hard (plus there are some boss battles where you literally can't die)..... once i understood the mechanics of the fight, that is. So i wonder, are you sure that you are doing the things you are supposed to be doing? I'm asking because i remember that time i spent many hours trapped in a never ending fight with the Shadow
  4. Actually there are some new events that were added to old maps because of story related reasons. I'm talking about the hunt for bloodstone crazed creatures, the veteran bandits, the unstable anomalies, the awakened incursions, the rifts in the mist, ecc.
  5. Why would you surrender now? You can get both Mystic Coins and Mystic Clovers just from the daily login rewards even if you don't do anything else, and there ARE ways to obtain both. Not to mention that Mystic Coins can just be bought from the trading post, as long as you have enough gold (they are quite expensive).
  6. I have a question about this achievement. Since it'a collection of "returning" achievements, does that mean they need to be done by a character that has already completed the story once, or it can also be done by a completely new character?
  7. As for myself... 5 Most liked: The Shining Blade - Not only i like the design and the colors, but i also love the fact that it is a actual legendary weapon from the lore of the game and not just some item that simply happens to be fancier (sometimes ridiculously so) than the "ordinary" ones. The thing that defines legends is their history after all, and this blade has one. The Flameseeker's Prophecies - Same reasoning that for the Shining Blade. It's beautiful and has actually something to do with the lore. Too bad i don't use shields on any of my characters, otherwise i would
  8. A long time ago it used to be that every statue in Orr was linked to the corresponding temple (all the statues of Melandru in Orr were under the control of the temple of Melandru for example, and so on), but then Anet changed it at some point so that now the nearest temple is the one that controls the statue (if i remember right). So, you probably just needed to cleanse the temple of Grenth for the statue to become available.
  9. You can also use this Pact Operation Portal Device if you are like me and regularly forget to check the timers.
  10. I spend half my time in WvW playing pew pew ranger in blob fights ('cause i like the big messy battles), but projectile hate has never been much of an iussue to me. If i see that my target has activated a skill that blocks/reflects arrows (afer using longbow #1 to check whether it's safe to hit them or not. I don't just mindlessly spam #2 unless i'm reasonably sure it won't get reflected) i either hold my fire and wait for the effect to expire so i can then hit when it's on cooldown, or i just change to a different target and leave the previous one to somebody else (since there are always all
  11. Yeah, your build is bad. Your equipment might have some exotic pieces (but you said you also have rare and fine gear right?), but the stats are all over the place. You have some berserker, some magi, trailblazer, viper, dire, celestial.... DPS, Condi, and Support all mixed together without a logic, so i assume you just equipped stuff you got from random drops? Or you made it that way on purpose? Plus you are missing a piece (the backpack) and you have neither weapons sigils nor armor runes. No wonder you are underperforming. First of all you should try to dress your character in full ex
  12. He means this https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Prototype_Position_Rewinder This beautiful gizmo, with its unlimited range and the ability to be used mid-air (unlike Mesmer and Thief portals), makes Jumping puzzles in general A LOT less frustrating to do, because you will not be forced to start over from the beginning if you screw up.
  13. If you want an example of what a Griffon can do that the Skyscale can't > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWENCGZbVKk&list=LL&index=16&ab_channel=Orpan%2FAlcira Anyway, the Skyscale is basically a helicopter while the Griffon is a jet. They are both great, just serve different purposes.
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