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  1. Since we are talking about BF achievements, can someone please tell me which sweet i need to get to which baby Quaggan in order to annoy it's parents? It's the only one that i have left, but i don't understand who i'm supposed to kitten off. 😓
  2. Completing the Path of Fire campaign is required in order to unlock the collections for the Griffon, but it's highly unlikely you'll be able to accumulate that much gold by doing just that. So you are probably going to have to farm gold for a little while.
  3. So...... We get to replay seven years old content for new achievements? 😐
  4. Your anger is misplaced. You should direct it to the Anet people in charge of the story, not to Aurene. Blaming her for the horrible writing of the devs is like blaming guns for gun violence. It doesn't make sense.
  5. That's true. I hope that's indeed the case, because that would mean we can still expect something from the devs.
  6. So they knew that their finale was GARBAGE, yet they chose to release it anyway? What the actual f**k! Isn't that basically admitting that they don't give a kitten anymore?
  7. It is probably going down into the category that, it was always a assumption because we never actually see what will happen if more Elder Dragons are killed. Only assumed that the World maybe destroyed because of DATA assumed it maybe destroyed. However, that is the nature of Scientific Theories being we can never know if it is true or not from data alone. We must actually witness the results directly to be certain it will happen. So for all this time we had only tried to prevent the death of other Elder Dragons because by theory the world maybe destroyed because of over flowing magical energy
  8. I would love to see that just to eat popcorns and laugh while reading all the insults and curses in map chat.
  9. To be honest, i hoped that the whole "Primordus is just a wild beast, so it's no use to try to talk to him" was just another one of Jormag's lies, one told to prevent us from trying to reach a different ending than the one the ice dragon wants. But nope, it's true. Primordus really is the only elder dragon who's like a brainless animal. Bummer. And then Braham became his champion just like that. Because HE decided it. Shouldn't you need.... i don't know..... the consent of the dragon to become a champion? The way it went it feels more like it was Primordus to become Braham's champion and not t
  10. Same problem here. I can't buy gems on the gemstore because the window freezes after i clik on "Confirm" and nothing happens. I only have my credit card as a method of payment (worked fine for seven years), so if that no longer works i'm afraid i will have to stop giving money to Anet. Too bad for them.
  11. Same from WvW. Looks like servers are down.
  12. Poor Drakkar. He must have been sick of getting killed repeatedly by a swarm of wannabe heroes so he decided to take a break.
  13. It's not just those two. Any backpack or glider that has been released before they introduced dyeable backpacks and gliders has the same problem. Apparently, the change could not be retroactively implemented on previously released items.
  14. That place has been in the game since long before they even announced End of Dragons. Actually, it has probably been around since even before they announced Path of Fire. It's a sort of special spot in the map that was originally meant to be exclusive (if i remember correctly, Anet even tried to sell a pass to teleport there in the gemstore, but nobody bought it since there is no reason whatsoever to go there othere than to enjoy the scenery), but now can be reached with the Skyscale. So no, i don't believe it's an easter egg or anything of the sort.
  15. I would be satisfied if we could enter the Shining Blade secret hideout any time we want instead of just during a one time story instance.
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