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  1. After this post ... my only feeling is, why changing the boon/condition at the first place ... Pain absorption is still a joke do you guys know the Demon the only condition cleansing skill is staff#4 which you will not use a staff with Demon "Buffing" !!??!? torment cannot compensate the above nerf, it just kill condition Rev in Open World and PvP and WvW
  2. Agree, I do like dungeons much much much more then fractals. Actually I don't know why Anet buff the reward of fractals but also nerf dungeons at the same time. Why not having both?
  3. Thank you for everyone join this thread, I didn't expect someone will vote a "yes" at the first place. But thank you for letting me know I am not alone. Hope Devs will saw this thread and put a fix on their roadmap. And thank you! You inspire me actually I can disabling warclaw by myself just resetting my WvW ability! never though that before. thank you
  4. already try, and removing all add-ons (d912pxy reshade etc.). still can't solve
  5. I have the warclaw And my "X" was set the skyscale and every time I'm out from WvW back to PvE, my "X" changed to warclaw, no mater I have mount up in WvW or not
  6. My "X" changed even I haven't mount in WvW Yes you can 🙂 this is a discussion thread lol
  7. The point is now I know I'm not the only one facing this issue, and hope the dev saw this silly poll and known that there a 2yrs-ago bug has to put on their bug fixing map Becoz I always almost do the X + jump to the air in the same time
  8. The issue was there since the first day having warclaw, and I have do in-game report, which is 2yrs ago, but still ... lack of one click key for mounts and I just hope my key can keep the function what I expected it to be. yes, but not every time I'm out from WvW Oh, that was unexpecting. I though the 1st mount should be and always be raptor?
  9. Actually, not slightly, I have die for 10+ time in VB becoz I assume my "X" is the skyscale then I do a "X" and jump to the air end up fall to the thorns And please excuse my emotion wordings "Remove" in PvE, I means an option to disable it in PvE
  10. Should be the most not useful mount (in PvE) and it's only job is kidnap my "X" key every time I'm out from WvW
  11. I think it is nice to keep a powerful burst, and the normal version but change to a way like using the bomb in SAB long press to will do the channeling animation and use the powerful burst which will consume all ammo (and how powerful is relay to how many ammo consumed) a short press to use a normal one bear the risk being interrupted to use a powerful one which also can keep those wonderful amination, or instant cast with a normal one
  12. Torment change, killed torment in PvP and WvW Split the additional dmg for PvE using the new way, PvP and WvW using the old way Resistance change, killed Pain Absorption even the all of the Demon Stance Minor trait on Corruption to let resistance apply from traited Rev in-effect to all condition Kitten change, killed the forum Beyond saving ...
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