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  1. At this point, it's safe to assume the people defending this poorly designed meta are little more than Elitest Gate Keepers who have already gotten their turtles. People who got lucky and have an inflated sense of superiority, purely through extreme luck, and not skill, and want to keep us peasants away from the turtle so they can feel important for once in their lives.
  2. That's precisely what we've been doing for nigh on a decade. It's not our fault the Balance team at Anet is staffed entirely by chimpanzees.
  3. Because now there's literally no reason to pick the skill over other heals, unless you use Shadow Arts. They may as well have deleted the skill from the game. A 40s cooldown heal, untraited? If you're not running Shadow Arts, it's now trash. All they've accomplished with these Thief changes, is forcing thief even further into SA. Anet once again proving that they either don't play their own game, or suffer from levels of ineptitude that cannot be measured by normal means. Maybe even both.
  4. This, all of this. I have been saying this for a long time now. Today's gamers are so entitled, they feel like they should be given everything for free, with little to no regard for how hard the Devs have worked to deliver said content. Anet has been more than generous with their content since launch. You are not owed anything, nor do you have the right to demand anything for free. They're people, not slaves. (unrelated note; its a bout time the Gaming Industry got Unions.) Thank you for this post.
  5. Warrior isn't Guardian or Necromancer, therefore, Anet doesn't care. That's the sad reality we find ourselves in. Edit: Oh hey, there's an idea; maybe if we paint our Warriors blue or green, Anet will finally notice us!
  6. That's because once upon a time, I used to care about the debate and the balance. Meh, maybe I still care on some level; Thief is one of my three favorite classes. Or maybe it's only because I worry one of these days, Anet may actually take these people seriously. Looking at the state of Warrior (3rd favorite class), I'd say that's cause for concern. Anyways, all I did was summarize the thread for late comers. 😁
  7. Nah, not so much anger as resignation. I've been reading threads like this since Headstart, 2012. And I've come across at least a dozen people who openly admit they just want the whole class deleted from the game. Just some friendly advice; quit while you're ahead. It'll save you a lot of headaches.
  8. Well then, good for you. You're one of the very few reasonable people where thief is concerned. Unfortunately, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're just banging your head against the wall. The people you're trying to convince, don't care.
  9. Uh, because you quoted me...? And I read the whole post. If you meant the whole thread, then lol no. That'd be a waste of time. 11 Pages obstinate screaming about how teef is OP (and yet one of the least played classes in the game 🤔) None of these people want to hear about buffs or compensation; it's all about deleting things they don't like. I suppose I'll waste my breath and repeat what the reasonable people in this thread have already said; if you nerf shadow arts, then you should buff something else in compensation. Like 300cd traits, or rework acrobatics. Something. Edit: I'd
  10. I stopped taking "nerf teef" threads seriously a long time ago, bud. Ya'll want nerfs to thief, but when anyone dares ask for compensation, even something as meager as a rework to 300s cd traits, you fly off the hinges. There have been plenty of reasonable suggestions made by Thieves, in the Thief forum for years, but you don't want to hear about buffs or compnesation. You all just want to delete everything you don't like.
  11. For all newcomers, allow me to summarize this thread for ya'll. Ahem "Nerf/Delete everything I don't like. How dare you make me put in effort, or, god forbid use my brain! *gasps in l2p*" You're welcome.
  12. Right, they don't care, because it's not what you wanted. We've already established that, mate.
  13. Apparently, throwing a fit because "I didn't get what I wanted" is the adult thing to do these days.
  14. If I had a dime for every "the end is nigh" post ever made on these forums, I could afford to buy a summer home in Hawaii. 🙄
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