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  1. I don't know if anyone else has posted about this, but has anyone found a way to deal with all the visual noise in this fight? As always, everything that is a hazard is coded reddish-orange, but the protective dome is almost the same color making it very difficult to spot the hazards. Sure, the hazards also come with a floor animation, but the animation gets lost under the feet of other visual noise from character models and skill animations. Sure, I can memorize every single hazard (right rift, left rift, bomb, enervator, etc), but in the heat of the battle I wouldn't fault anyone for getting
  2. Even when my group had dedicated pushers I can't tell you the number of times I saw the Golem just flop because it got clipped by another CC. Given the visual noise I couldn't make out the exact skill that caused the flop by my guess is that Tides of Time was involved. But yeah, I agree that a little bit of attention and management will make for consistent bumps on the Golem. Just soooooooooo frustrating!
  3. Throwing in my two copper, Yes, the pricing it outrageous. But, as others have mentioned, Deroir was intended to be a currency dump for folks that have accumulated currency over the years. Personally, I don't have the Research journals, but I have just about everything else. If you're like me and have several 150 AR toons you can take away their +9 infusions and craft them into the +11 and +x infusions you need for the unlocks. I was able to pull away a couple dozen +9's from my toon and get the permanent +10 AR to offset the +9's that I pulled. Only cost a handful of silver for the Thermal r
  4. I honestly don't know how/why you would need a ton of relics. Players are sitting on thousands of relics and pristines to the point that Anet came out with the relic sink just to give players an option to do with their abundance of extra currency. Again, Deroir's pricing on things are intentionally excessive and were meant to be purchased by players who had racked up a ton of currency over the years. If Deroir's items are the reason why you're hurting for relics? Well you're in the same boat as a good portion of the players who are now trying to play relic catchup. Personally, I'm playing Rese
  5. Derail post is derailing. On topic though, I gotta say I definitely am giving two thumbs up on the story. I didn't play GW1 so I'm sure there is a lot of backstory I'm missing out on, but otherwise I don't feel like I'm out of the loop on things as the NPC's are doing great at bringing me up to speed on things!
  6. Huh, that's weird...you can't even get 1,000 Legendary insights in the game. Cap is what, between 700-800 right now if you started raids from Day 1? Pages are honestly the most grindy part about fractals since you're limited to 5/day (3 from chest, 2 from CM's). Relics are not at all hard to get. You have up to 19 relics you get per fractal. Daily-wise: 140 per Nightmare CM. Plus you get a handful of them from fractal bags if you open encryption boxes (chance of 5) or trade in extra fractal potions (5-30 depending on the potion). On top of that you get up to 7 pristine relics from all dailie
  7. It's not derailing, it's adding context to the post. Someone asked a question in regards to the purpose of the thread. Even then it was a rhetorical question. On top of that, I added that Warrior DPS is competitive but not exactly niche. In your own words "I suggest you read it" Then again, the Yes/no poll is too black and white. As in saying Yes would mean that I would accept a warrior DPS on every raid encounter while No means I would not take a DPS Warrior. Is warrior viable? Sure, anything is viable. But, I can't think of a time where I would want warrior as one of my DPS classes. Every ot
  8. Collections are one-and-done. You unlock the skin for the item upon completing the collection, but you only get the Ascended quality shield once. Thus, you can have the Horologicus skin on as many shields as you want, but there only be 1 original (non-skin transmuted) per account.
  9. Oh boy....this again /SipsLemonade Here's the problem. GW2 was advertised as a casual game and to date still maintains that claim. As in, there is nothing mechanically that holds back a player from any of the content in game. The slight exception being Fractals that operate much like a tower; you can enter the early "floors" but you have to get your hands on certain items (ascended gear) before you can progress to the later floors. Even then the game is still generous enough to provide massive accessibility to ascended items to help get you to the later islands in fractals. Bringing this back
  10. I agree with you, but considering what we usually get, this was a great balance patch for mesmers. No nerfs. Various small buffs. Improvements to axe. Its a better patch for mesmers than many in the past have been The "small" buffs have people already hitting 45k DPS on golem in pve, without fully optimized rotations. I need to see a video of this 45k damage, one that doesn't rely on cheese gimmicks like SB sharing stances with our illusions. I hadn't had a chance to login and test the changes myself when I wrote that comment, I'm not too surprised that all together they were more impactful t
  11. "Is not needed" is quite exaggerated. I'd rather have a healer on CM Viirastra, tyvm. And on a bunch of other places, too. i'd rather have reflects and dodge/WSAD out of aoes. you're just lazy. besides if your dps is strong you dont have to deal with much aoes/projectiles, but if you have a "healing" leecher then your party dps drops and you get rekt by incoming damage. If you don't have a necro for epi and your group is not being diligent in killing the vets, your party is bound to get knocked down, which is lethal. There are only so many dodges you have in between her stomp and avoiding the
  12. One of the big issues is that Ambush skills reset auto attack chains. Not a big issue when you're cloaking proactively for the skill toggle, but when you have to cloak reactivity as a dodge it just seems like you're getting punished since most auto skills have a decent finishing chain skill: Axe spawn (axe), boon removal (sword), clone summon (scepter), evade (spear). Would be nice if the auto chain didn't get reset. Mirriors aren't too bad especially since you can walk into them yourself to gain cloak. It'd be worse if they could only be broken by enemies. could they be flashy or do something
  13. Previous to yesterday's patch you took two druids to cover spirits and Spotter uptime per their own sub, and two druids together would maintain 5 stack of GoTL. Empowerment was just icing on the cake for the extra damage but with so many top ranking builds being condi empowerment glyph wasn't getting too much mileage. It's the same issue as Warrior's Empower Allies. The extra power is nice, but not every build will make full use of it. With the new patch GoTL uptime is no longer a thing since all you do is Might stack now which is easily handled by a single druid. Same goes for Spirits. The se
  14. "Support" renegade falling in the same boat as Condi Druid. You take it more so for the buffs than the actual healing. On top of that they still do some pretty competitive damage.
  15. Not a bad idea, but I think ultimately the goal here is how can you cover all your support bases with the least amount of impact. Note: I just realized that the Empower Glyph still only affect 5 players....
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