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  1. You cant do kitten to the matchmaking with such a low player pool. Not being able to change comp means that some games are lost second 1.
  2. I dont get why they nerfed this in pvp. FA weaver is already super dead and bad compared to any other roamer. They just made it unplayable in pvp. In wvw its the same idea. Feels like a really bad change. The only good player to play this in pvp is grim. Ye nice nerf.
  3. Remove duo queue, if you wanna play pvp with your buddies go roam in wvw
  4. Catalyst or ranger, ranger will be more power oriented for a dps build though
  5. Staff tempest support is like the best support in pvp, how is ele bad
  6. You can reach plat easily with support guard. It's like legit the easiest thing to play.
  7. necro can swap utility for reflect, thats with a 30s cd, tempest has a lot of reflect, core guard has anti projectile but its still playable without tempest in enemy team
  8. Still super squishy but at least you get 2 sword jump now, so mobility is back.
  9. DE is totally playable if they dont have too much reflect (no tempest for example).
  10. And it was... Deadeye. kitten this. Deadeye abusing stolen skills until July 18 big oof
  11. gyro f2 spam all your grenade kit gg u won tf
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