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  1. DH finally dead 😁 Rune of the Trapper (PvP): Reduced stealth duration from 3 seconds to 1 second.
  2. zerk ele is playable its just super glass canon so what can you do, kill or be killed :d
  3. Make specific rules for a season, like core only spec or eod only spec I think it would be a nice change and people would play different build as well.
  4. Support guardian isn't "mostly playable" 😄
  5. Did you smash your space bar and enter key?
  6. this would make core greatsword a bit broken
  7. Play willbender and one-shot everything... haHA
  8. Scepter seems mandatory with any willbender build in pvp tbh. GS was big poop with willbender imo.
  9. In 1 year maybe as with every pvp balance patch, plenty of fun to have until then 🙂
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