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  1. Wait until friday reset? next beta event make sure you select the same wvw guild =D
  2. Would you call these... Guild Wars then? Lot of pve people queueing out maps for the bonus event so this isn't exactly representative
  3. I also got bladesworn, despite only playing it for 30m =/
  4. I feel like there's a number of people complaining on the forums about how this has 'lost' them their server identity. You can all make guilds to preserve that identity, here's some name suggestions: We don't like playing with [THEM] We're not being carried and all is [VAIN] We never left our starting [SRVR] Who are you people We don't know [YOU] Alliances suck this isn't a [BETA] We're going to cap that [CAMP] Pls give squad participation or we'll [SCRM] I need warclaw please cap a [KEEP] No one else on this shard wants to [RP] We never look at
  5. The alliance system is a breath of fresh air for this game mode, it allows groups and individuals that generally don't play together to join each other's runs. The completely reshuffling of teams in smaller chunks allows for better population balance as well. From a guild perspective: There's more people to recruit, new faces and interactions! New matchups against multiple other guild groups that are from different servers, keeping content fresh Allying with other guilds builds player-driven communities From an individual player perspective: You get to mee
  6. This is really well put together, great information and way of explaining it all
  7. celestial tempest, celestial druid, or celestial firebrand imo. All three offer decent group support and still have offensive power with a lot of CC
  8. sometimes it's due to focus on other aspects of the fight, sometimes I camp a legend to drain energy to <10 so i get 75 when i swap to the new legend
  9. catalyst is going to reign supreme for damage for most of this expac in wvw, use a staff 😮
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