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  1. (i'll make one just for rangers at the end of the year :>)
  2. idk why you'd think ranger or ele are bad in a squad, staff weaver's still top damage and nothing can immob like a ranger can immob. Maybe you're just bad at playing both?
  3. looks like if you made both slumbering conflux and awakened conflux, only one version is added to the armory. which means you'll only be able to use one legendary ring on all your characters while the second legendary ring is limited to the character that has it equipped. that's my only gripe about the armory, other than that it looks good. just wish i hadn't spent the resources making two rings if one is now limited to a single character.
  4. there's a different priority list between pve, pvp, and wvw as well. the golems don't reflect it so you need another player with an alt on a different server to test it
  5. I'm going to bold the important part here for you, read it slowly. Your numbers aren't correct (using pve cooldowns, well of corruption hits 6x not 5x, nightfall removes 5/2s not 20/2s, 3 shade harbringer shroud hits, trail of anguish stripping 80 boons, etc) and you repeatedly try to apply them to scenarios where you don't take into account that you're fighting mobile players rather than immobile golems. It's not a resistance to information, it's trying to educate you and those who are reading this thread with the correct information.
  6. I'm going to ignore the other posts since you were still going off nightfall corrupting 4 boons per target per pulse, which is hilariously wrong- the wiki page for nightfall states it's 1/t/p and it's not like it's hard to test in game. you open well of corruption because it has 900 range. you then use NCSY because it makes your signet and axe 3 unblockable (5 unblockable charges will be wasted on a well of corruption tick). NCSY/signet/axe3 have 600 range, which is why they're used after well of corruption as you move in closer. as you move into melee range, you pop shroud to land
  7. i encourage you to apply theory to real situations, then log the results so you have real data to work with. Find a single log where you're getting 80 strips with 1 trail of anguish or a 3 shade harbinger shroud hit, that I'd love to see. some other erroneous nonsense: -you open with well of corruption because it has the longest range, you don't open with nightfall because it's melee only -nightfall corrupts 1 boon per pulse, so 5 boons total every 2s -superspeed lasts 10s and is up well over 50% of the time- meaning the value of your stationary aoes is decreased whi
  8. If only there were some kind of list on the wiki that included all the skills/traits that can strip boons separated by class...
  9. Obstructed by ??? Solution: make the random trees and rocks a part of the scenery rather than objects Bows shoot farther than guns if you have a height advantage, this has literally never made sense Solution: limit bow max range Culled/invisible aoe circles for certain skills, looking at you meteor shower that hits 6x before the ring shows up Solution: put the aoe ring up before the skill starts landing, clean up visual noise Minis/pets don't receive stealth Solution: disable all minis or make them and pets stealth when their associated p
  10. Alliances are coming, prepare by joining a community of people that love to wvw! [JADE] is recruiting! https://discord.gg/WqryZF7S
  11. I think it's mostly an issue with positioning, you want to drop your jalis/hammer bomb to stop a push but burst of strength requires you to be in melee range hitting a target to get the +%damage modifier, it's not ideal to let a group walk over you in melee before you bomb so it rarely gets used in the most efficient way possible
  12. People are complaining because they just paid 1800 gems to transfer to link servers so they could continue playing with the people they grew attached to over the previous 2 months. That anet waited to do this until transfers slowed down shows it's a money grab, they could've made this change before the relink.
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