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  1. I'm a big fan of the theory that Rise! was responsible for all the lag. I especially like how effectively deleting the build has had absolutely no effect on lag. Because the issue is the servers and a small subset of players would rather cry than do some theorycrafting to counter Rise! setups. Seriously, it wasn't that hard to figure out a good answer to an extra 60 bodies. Permeating wrath, spamming multihit aoe autoattacks like flamethrower, or putting down ice fields to control where all the rats go were all great ways to handle it.
  2. It's probably the minions, I for one am glad we restricted build diversity to fix the server lag.
  3. This patch actually opened up some dps positions, overall pretty good imo
  4. It's probably all the minions ...oh wait
  5. because pugs don't listen when you take the time to type out 'stay on pin, don't push past pin'
  6. I see the flesh rats have struck a nerve
  7. I've got multiple clips of getting CCd out of my jumps by lines and spectral ring while I have 5+ stacks of stab. They don't knock you down or fear you, but they stop your iframes and cut your dodge short
  8. All of the vind dodges are bugged. Even with stability you can't cross ground CC like line of warding, uneven ground, spectral ring, etc without it knocking you out of the dodge early.
  9. anet "nerfs sustain" players "no not like that!" the forum this week in a nutshell
  10. I'm also interrupting their skills, forcing them to change position so my symbols deal damage, and staying aggressive on the DH so he can't freecast since I know I can CC lock/kite the necro. All things that can be done with any stat type, each of which plays a bigger role in winning outnumbered fights than what stats you're using. The reaper clips are all in full zerkers gear with 1 stun break. The pace of fights change because I know I can't sustain a long encounter, so I focus on CC and burst. Because of this I have no problems taking on multiple people in celestial or support g
  11. same here, happens every time. I have to close the game and reopen to swap characters. Also gets stuck on loading screens when changing maps on the same character
  12. It's all one ecosystem, without reliable access to stability large scale fights can't happen. Then the people who are here for those fights leave for another game. Right now there's little diversity, but that could be changed very easily. Small scale and roaming would adjust to favor strips/corrupts, if it would adjust at all. They would need to add stability in places that incur a cost to other builds. Elementalists should have to choose between cleansing and stability, rangers would need to give up a dps or immob traitline for nature magic, forcing certain types of utilities for
  13. Your opinions are meaningful and have value It's not realistic to have 2 specs eclipse the other 34 to the point where they make up 40% of every large group and have done so for years. But here we are =D
  14. FB brings 4 (5 traited) aoe stunbreaks and has >2x the stab available on any other class, that's why I'm suggesting they remove a charge from the elite mantra- nothing can compete with that right now. The second problem is groups in wvw really need stab so it's not like they can just nuke FB from orbit without kittening the rest of the game mode up. To that effect I'm suggesting they add multiple stab sources for other classes. Putting the stab in core earth on rock solid helps out eles and makes tempest/cata choose between protection+stab output vs cleanse.
  15. If the goal is to open up the meta we'd need reliable stab on classes other than fb. Those changes would go a long way towards that goal lol
  16. elementalist- rock solid in earth: 3 stacks of stability for 8s, increase radius to 600. Add a 10s cd so weavers can't abuse it tempest- harmonious conduit: Increase stability to 2 stacks for 4s, apply to allies in a 360 radius catalyst- staunch allies: grant 2 stacks of stability for 5s to allies when you grant them an aura warrior- make soldier's comfort in tactics baseline, add a trait in its place that causes shouts to grant 2 stacks of stability for 5s to affected allies ranger- protect me: remove barrier, now grants 3 stacks of stability for 8s to affected
  17. So looks like nothing got fixed, unfortunate =/
  18. title even when you have stability you cannot dodge over any ground targeted crowd control skills. This includes sanctuary, line of warding, unsteady ground, static field, and spectral ring trying to cross any of these effects knocks you out of the dodge animation and allows you to be hit while you are still unable to use any of your skills
  19. Too many projectiles for squad play yeah, you can bring a scourge or reaper and get better results right now deathly haste is definitely going to be ran for anyone outside of pve, the only reason to take the power trait is to run a meme build where you rely on landing elixir of ambition>shroud 3+4 i gave it a shot with blood, DM, spite, and curses. gotta say the spite power setup feels best to play, love the big crits lol cele's got great sustain though for taking outnumbered fights
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