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  1. Yes! No name calling, no insults. They conveyed their side using theories and a very very very thorough explanation. In the end, they were friendly and non-toxic. Such rarity!!!
  2. This thread is rare. Enjoy and immerse yourself in something rather extraordinary. One thing is for sure, they have a STEM background (Science, Technology, Engineering Math) Probably masters degree level, even PhD. Probably economists, professor, engineer, etc.... Probably working in Wall St as investment banking analysts. I'd say this is one of the best threads ever.
  3. Yes, thanks, I'm sure you multi-class as you have such a deep knowledge with dynamics, gameplay and combos. Also, I'm in favor of the runes... I use it on another class 🙂
  4. It could be a region problem and also time of day. Some of my best pvp memories were in EU but I didn't bother getting the xpacs for that account.
  5. Hmmm my suggestion is to play during NA primetime. Most of my recent games have been very close. I queue solo and put in effort to win and always nice to everyone. It also helps to have alts 🙂 Here's how close the games are during NA primetime - and no I didn't hand pick only the games won but also the games lost. I blocked everyone's name out for their privacy. NA Primetime - points from both teams I'm not good and I realistically know my skill limitations. I'm really humbled by the skills of some of the players I've played with and against.
  6. Hi, yeah I don't have the problem running into Emdrix, Vaans etc unless I get invited into an Tourney at weird hours like you said. Although last night I went vs Emdrix in ranked and it we didn't get face-rolled. I actually see a pattern at weird hours so I try to avoid rank.
  7. I use the trapper rune on a non-OP, rather strange ranger build from time to time. The traps I lay are nowhere near as powerful as the DH. However, I have a higher health pool and a bit of sustain. Eliminating the rune will make pvp even less diverse. I don't play DH but it seems the best counter for it is to swap to a ranged class. It's also easy to predict where the traps are laid. Been playing a lot of weaver lately with different variations. When going against a DH, my melee build isn't ideal. I got lucky a few times against the DH on sword fire weaver, side node
  8. Thanks for the positivity. GW2 pvp is indeed rather amazing. My only wish is that more gamers discover and/or return to it. It's far from perfect but I agree with pretty much everything you said. Im a half glass full kind of person - the people that come to the forum to vent/complain/comment are the ones that care enough to see changes and improvements. Someone mentioned about Marketing - I think this mode has so much potential but wrong marketing approach. One perfect example that I can cite is when they "upgraded" to this new forum platform, they
  9. Maybe it's because you're a nice person, thus the low toxicity experienced 🙂
  10. It's impossible to prevent toxic behavior in a competitive game mode. The best you can do is not respond or let it affect you. In-game, I try to be as pleasant and courteous as possible. To make things light here's some positivity I've experienced from other PvPers... There was a time I played on invisible mode to avoid toxicity. Since I can't be PM'd, I was surprised to get mail from people on my team when I queued solo: (sorry I cant post pics anymore) Friendly pvp mail - (I'm not a guy tho but that doesn't really matter) Another friendly pvp mail - w
  11. Your English is great! I agree with you especially on the diversity of amulets and sigils. Instead of reworking certain classes or toxic builds, they took the shortcut of just eliminating certain amulets entirely. They overlooked the effect that had on classes that depend or needed those amulets but were not abusing them. Frankly, I enjoyed PVP more before the xpacs. I played stuff like power necro, power staff ele, condi engie, etc...
  12. Been playing since 2012, took a few years off but back on because despite the imperfect balance, I really love the game mechanics. No need to grind for gear, no monthly fees. I spend most of my time playing PVP, bought both xpacs for PVP. Heck I even buy gems to support the developers. The challenge I guess is how to get people back and how to get other gamers to discover GW2 PVP.
  13. Yes. Being heavily reliant on constantly swapping attunements F1-4 plus daisy chaining and timing combos to make the weaver somewhat efficient is what makes it more difficult mechanically to master.
  14. Quite accurate. I multi-class and with core necro, one just needs to learn the really short CDs and everything is AOE, high HP Carrion, Death Shroud etc etc. Currently playing the GS Reaper for the sole purpose of countering the Scourge. I tried playing Scourge....just not my cup of tea.
  15. 😕 My fire weaver wants to be a guardian! Tell him don't be envious of the 3 sec of invuln from obsidian flesh with a 60 sec CD.
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