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  1. hmmm. "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery." "My culture is not a costume." Cultural appreciation vs cultural appropriation. Though if I were to wear your clothes for a week or two, I may understand why you move the way you do. If I am to be yelled at for eating your cuisine, casually using bits of your language (because English words are rather general and can lack nuance), or for wearing attire based on your traditional clothes; then I am quite likely going to tell myself that your culture is forbidden. Then I shall probably stop reading about it and turn a
  2. that is odd, at least for females it covers the area completely, and the way it flairs at the top it covers the pubic region as well. Your comment makes it sound like a lip is slipping out.
  3. personally I dislike aviator boxes far more than I dislike mesmer portals. At least the portals are limited to how far the mesmer can travel during the duration. I can't really do anything about the T pose inflicted by an aviator box.
  4. 50 and didn't get it, so I used statuettes and bought 2 of the golden lion keys. I opened a black lion chest with the gold key and got the wings.
  5. hrm, I followed the steps Astralporing listed, however I see no option to upload images to my gallery. Perhaps he is right about Anet not wanting images posted to the forums. That is strange considering most of us are adults, most images would be of the game, and there are mods to patrol the forums. I do hope they allow us to post images to the forums again, even if it is convoluted, or requires mod approval for each image in our gallery.
  6. I recently found out that dyes can affect the stoneskin, via texture detail and brightness of the stone. Enameled jungle and enameled emblaze seem to give the most detail. The other enameled colors impart less detail, other premium dyes give even less detail, and colors like aqua satin (though a premium dye) are no better than rare or common dyes. a rare dye: https://imgur.com/YRcclA4 Shadow Abyss dye: https://imgur.com/0p43hVm note that it is much darker than whatever rare dye I used earlier one of the other enameled dyes: https://imgur.com/Yb1rmnm enameled emblaze: ht
  7. It took me a while to figure out how to post pictures on the old forum, there was a link image button and links using the direct image of a picture on imgur would post a picture to the forum. The link button on the new forum has a field for the url, and a field for link text. I am not sure what link text is. kind of like tiny url? stoneskin these are all the same picture: Trying to directly paste the, direct link, of an image onto the post itself gives an error message saying that the link could not be imbedded because that URL is not allowed. from what I recall this
  8. https://i.imgur.com/UKEZG1Tm.jpg Apparantly dyes do actually matter. if you use enameled emblaze or enameled jungle you keep all, or nearly all, detail. Further, darker dyes will make your character into a darker color of stone.
  9. hrm, I am a staff mesmer main. Phase retreat still occasionally teleports me into walls. Once I was trapped between two pains of a slanted skylight. I should have made a screenshot, but I was too frustrated at the time. Granted; phase retreat doesn't need a target, and doesn't require dodging to get you through a surface. To be fair the skill has always trapped me within an object, and never on the other side of a wall. Just, if a gate is thinner than a wall, mesmer skills are quite able to get you on the other side of a single surface. Admittedly if I knew what angles to use regarding t
  10. Hylek hue potions or Polyluminescent Undulating Refractors, with dyed wings to match. Sparkles are from the starborn outfit. Details are in the stoneskin variants thread
  11. Can you use a Vpn to get around the US only restriction? US sales tax would be added to your order, and I don't know about currency conversion. Is there a reason this would not work, or is ill advised?
  12. I thought Vpn's let you change what country you appear to be in when accessing the internet? If a European were to use a Vpn and set their location to the United States, wouldn't they then be able to access the sale? I am not sure about payment methods and currency, but you would be paying US sales tax. Is there a reason using a Vpn is not advised?
  13. The stoneskin infusion completely covers your character (clothing, skin, hair, but not the eyes) in a mottled grey color. The grey will have different values of light and dark depending on what the material is. https://i.imgur.com/zhxQSrEm.jpg https://i.imgur.com/yCMnEzym.jpg https://i.imgur.com/QRb8l90m.jpg Note: The blue "skin" of the Zodiac armor skins will not be affected by the stoneskin infusion at all. The cloth and metal bits will become stone colored, but the "skin" portions will retain their normal blue coloring and texture. The stoneskin infusion also covers nearly all of
  14. It may have been a known issue, but it wasn't known by me. I didn't know the possibility existed. A mail delivered, during the boost, explaining the situation with the equipment would work. A note in the extractor's description would work also. 'removes any upgrade from any piece of equipment without destroying the upgrade or the equipment. note: the upgrade extractor will not work on equipment provided by the level 80 character boost.' I mean currently the extractor does say it works on any equipment, and lists no caveats.
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