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  1. Added one more choya emote to the collection:https://twitter.com/Soulentra/status/1324321102361972736
  2. Would be nice if the no-link servers got opened at least, to let some of our previously linked people join us :disappointed: (pretty please :cookie: )
  3. This would really motivate me to actually finish getting the legendary armor, cause right now the WvW one(which I'm planning to get, cause it's the game mode I enjoy mostly) isn't that fancy looking as PVE one and I already have like 3 sets of ascended gear that I use for my main (which is account bound and should be also easily usable - applicable to Equipment template - among all characters). Just please make sure to do something about WARDROBE, I'd love to pay to have Wardrobe in totally separated Tab not locked to specific gear and to have more combinations than how much equipment loadouts
  4. Hi everyone! I'm very happy that these Choya already found their home on quite a few Discord servers :3 <3 and I feel little bit silly I didn't think of sharing them on the actual Guild Wars 2 forums yet =) They are my first emotes and I plan on making more when I can so I can get better at it! Feel free to use them if you like, here are the individual PNG images: Thanks for giving me such positive feedback overall already :heart:
  5. I second or third or one-hundredth this. Yes please, I 42th this, didn't have statuettes last time, but now I'm prepared!
  6. I didn't see my home instance bookshelf suggestion merged here https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/18406/suggestion-home-instance-library-storage-for-books Would be nice to have access to the library from PoF story maybe also and keep the books there and have some achievement with title Librarian if it's not there yet.
  7. What's the point of having 2nd and worse Mist Form on ele? (Mist Form at least gives u speed buff so you can get the hell out of the main fight area.) Will there be option to stop the skill earlier? I mean if u really think front line ele needs nerf, then u should reduce the duration of Obsidian Flesh by 1 second or something, but disabling the abilities while in it completely is just big sad panda.
  8. 1/ SNOWBALL BEETLE mount skin Yesterday we were saying goodbye to Wintersday and everyone loves being a snowball so naturally we went for the winter race as snowballs and it was fun, but we were wee-bit slow compared to the people on Roller Beetle mount, which is where we got the idea that we certainly need a snowball skin for the beetle mount. HOW IT COULD WORK: Naturally the roller beetle is a beetle, but this skin wouldn't be a snowy beetle, but a legit snowball and preferably with metal saddle, because the brown color just doesn't fit the white snow. Or well Since the snowball is usually j
  9. I got the same issue, I switched to the new Boneskinner Tonic and suddenly I can't get my Dancing Choya Tonic back in selection and it's not even in the Novelties, If I copy the link from wiki I can see that I have the tonic unlocked correctly. Please fix this. I love this tonic <3
  10. Story:It was very intense, it all happened pretty fast..we weren't ready..I wasn't ready. I cried. Just please tell me we will have some continuation on the end scene sooner than 3 months please.. even just letter from Caithe or something.. Map:Haven't had chance to go trough it as much as I would like to just yet, but I love snowy areas in GW2 in general so thank you so much for that <3. Also it's great how everyone from Tyria is basically gather up here..
  11. I didn't plan on giving more comments in this thread, cause I felt like we pretty much said everything, but lets think about our ROLE in this world a bit? I mean do u guys actually feel that any of the personal story quests over all expansions and living stories actually required you to invite a friend?Because if I don't count some specifique achievements I don't feel like I ever felt like I can't do it solo. I mean after all... You are The Commander, you are Hero of Tyria and You are the GODKILLER!I don't want to feel harsh, but at this point, where we are the Godslayers(I probably missed a
  12. Why not? In HoT story u have special Achievement - rewards for doing the last part with Challenger mote on.I rly want it for my collection, but still didn't do it, cause I don't have time/patience/friends to do it with.
  13. In this specifique Taimi suffocating fight u actually have a repair place at entrance, so no need to bring those. In general I think some boss fights in story can be pain, but I rly like the challenge, it's not rly hard if u just make some functional build (make sure to have at least one weapon with a cc attack), learn to evade (I have evade bound to middleclick on mouse, rly easy to use). Personally I love doing solo content (don't ask me why I play mmorpg, I like having people around me, but I prefer having option to solo play when not in mood to find compatible players to do stuff together)
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