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  1. What are we fighting for when the server identity is removed and all that's left is but a label or name plate.
  2. There are 3 Luxon Clans - Turtle Clan is but one. https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Luxon_Clan They are: Crab Clan Turtle Clan Serpent Clan Since the Turtle Clan have the Siege Turtles Can The Serpent Clan have underwater/airborne Siege Serpent and for the Crab Clan, an amphibious Siege Crab - who specializes in War Supply, because Crab Clan are Miners Thank you very much
  3. I understand that it will not be saved, because these are just beta characters, BUT Why do the beta characters needs to pay waypoint fees? Why not disable all forms of trading including having to pay for waypoints on beta characters.
  4. This is the same as farming for any other legendary materials, if you can farm that in pve, you can farm it in WvW with your PvE guild. unless you play solo. If you have a guild just go with your guildie and farm the GoB together as if the map is another pve map.
  5. This topic shows us, that, players still think of the 3-5 (estimation) hours they spend in WvW is the only time WvW game mode is active. I am not going to make another thread, because I think what this thread has brought to light is, what I observe happening on my server. I don't know what people are doing on their chat program since I don't join them, I assume the alliance pact are made in chat outside of game. What I do see and find out is, there are Guild that says they didn't receive any invitation to be alliance with anyone, there are people advertising for alliances, DURING
  6. Example game reset When 1) one color have SMC (or its equivalent) for 1 day the match ends 2) one color have more than (assuming its the same 4 maps we are playing on) 6 Keeps, the match ends. Hence why I keep saying we need new maps, and those maps should be PvE maps. aside form ppt and pvp you actually need search and destroy. Match could end in hours or goes on for days depending on how engaging your guild and alliances wants the match to be.
  7. You forget this is a 24/7 game mode. What is night to you, is day to others.
  8. Today someone hacked into Osprey Palace inner. they had the outer wall breached but not the inner, defended, close the wall, the second time they gain entry, they were miraculously in the lord's room.
  9. Location: Askalion Hill - Blue Alpine Borderland - World Vs World Time: 15 minutes ago since this post, this date Glitched Item: Inner Gate - the one facing west. The Glitch: There is no gate. Either someone broken the gate before me or something went wrong. 1) when you break down a gate with ram the graphic is a broken/jagged edge gate. 2) this gate is just an arch without a gate or any hint of broken/jagged edge pieces. I am assuming it is a glitch. I used a catapult to break the outer wall, continue to hit 3 breakable items on the inner - wall/gate/oil - I saw 3 damage
  10. Step 1) Assuming you cannot find a squad or other roamers to play with, you have to know the maps. Step 2) look at the maps, There are 4 maps. Step 3) I am going to explain like we are Red and also assuming you are able to flip camps and sentry solo. Step 4) Speldan Clearcut and Pangloss Rise are the 2 closest camps on EBG red side of map, flip those 2 when ever they are not red, Speldan Clearcut can be tricky since it is the only camp that doesn't tell you when it is under attack, meaning there is no swords ever on this camps come rain or shine. So approach with caution, since
  11. People aren't AFK to pip farm. They AFK to spy.
  12. Be the player you want others to be. Enjoy the game. Don't be afraid to tag if you have the ability to run a squad. Be very alert of your surrounding. Get the mount and glider. Do not sell your paper siege on the trading post, always drop it on dead enemy corpse.
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