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  1. I never thought of that 🤔 I will have to give it a try sometime 👍
  2. I don't have the time for raids as I work alot and my life doesn't revolve around the game. Also not a fan of strike missions. I don't mind being in a small party but the fact that some people take this game way to far. I think the idea of a ope world legendary armour set is great but I can see why people who spent ages getting there's being a bit peeved. You can't please everyone but raids and strikes are just not for me.
  3. I love playing my necro and I don't care that people think it's easy I have fun playing it. I think anyone should play the way they want not what others would like them to.
  4. I just finished the story and was in no rush but it felt short. The maps seem pretty much empty and as a casual player I don't have the time for the metas. The mysteries seem like they take forever to fill, and the skiff is useless to me and fishing is dull. I haven't tried the new elite specs yet I like my reaper. Got 100% on the maps but now I guess I'll just go back to other expansions. So I was happy with somethings and unhappy with others. I just don't think I'll spend much time there which is as shame.
  5. I have all living world seasons and log in every day but as you say the maps are empty. Only time will tell. As it stands its just not for me, but you can't please all the people all the time.
  6. I will start off by saying I'm a casual player who has been playing for 3 years and have loved the game up until eod. The thing is there is nothing I like about eod and feel like I wasted my money. I'm not that keen on the new maps yeah there pretty but dull, but that's my opinion. Now I can appreciate the effort that went in to it but I kind of wish I had never spent the money on it.
  7. Maybe there are people who just don't want to get into raiding the same as pve and wvw. I like to just wonder around sometimes without any plan or purpose. I don't get a lot of free time so I don't join groups very often. The way I see it is simple, I play the way I want with the build I want because it's my time to relax. If you enjoy other game modes good for you but I like open world and enjoy roaming around. Sometimes I need help and like to help others but I use this game to relax.
  8. I just started the second map and have just got my jade bot so long way to go.
  9. I do long hours at work and never have the time for a 2 hour meta. So I'm just taking my time exploring and I'm in no hurry for a mount that I'll never use . I like to play my way and although it might not be the most efficient I only play to have fun and relax.
  10. I got the pre order deluxe pack and apart from the gems which I could have got at anytime I feel the same. My necro feels like wet paper. Last time I trust anet, but I am enjoying the story so far.
  11. I pre ordered EoD if its no good ill just stop playing, especially after all the hype. Anet has gone all in with this let's hope they can follow through.
  12. I don't have a lot of time to play saying that I think i might have to give it a go ar make a start on it, wish me luck.
  13. I'm not the biggest fan of fishing just seems boring and I never liked underwater combat either, and to honest I'm not fussed about the expansion. The new elites seem kind of dull, but that's just my opinion.
  14. I haven't been playing as long as others but I didn't want to play any of them. I wanted a new class or new weapons like someone else said like monk. All I remember about them is a lot of jumping around and flashy effects. I just think if they keep these as they are it will be a huge fail.
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