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  1. I like the idea of leggy bag if you can equip it simultaneously across all characters. Depending on the price of making it and the number of characters you have/play it might be cheaper to get the leggy bag than to buy extra slots for all characters. The option to change the type of bag for sorting/visibility would be nice too.
  2. Visually picking up baubles but having them not added to the total count can be caused by packet loss, this might happen for a few baubles per world but if it was a persistent thing you should also notice lag spikes and disconnects. This is also why I asked about ping times, high ping can be an indicator for a bad connection. If it was a server side issue I would expect more people to complain about this and it is unlikely to be an account based bug but if nothing else works you can contact support so they can have a look at your account and the logs. Add things like the date, time (+timezone
  3. Instead on focussing so much on having the wallets and the people asking about them maybe you could be a bit clearer and give more information.Give a few clear examples of when it happens; include things like current bauble count, bag size for that character, does it happen to both mob dropped baubles and fixed place baubles, map and ping.Had you at least given current counts and bag size in the first post than no-one would have had to ask about the bags.
  4. The hoodies as well as some other town clothing outfits are currently available from the statuette trade, I hope you saved up enough to get the hoodies you want ;)
  5. The wasd controls not working as expected can be caused by having multiple keyboard layouts installed and swapping between them by accident. Try hitting win key+space or left alt+shift to change between keyboard layouts. If that doesn't help try typing wasd in chat to see if the keys are at least mapped correctly to the keyboard.Right click making you run forward shouldn't be caused by this though it could be caused by switching windows (alt+tab) while the left mouse button is pressed, the game doesn't always pick up on key press changes when that happens.
  6. If you want to unlock one of the hoodies in the wardrobe you should keep an eye on the black lion statuette trades, these change every month or so with updates and will occasionally contain outfits. Iirc I got my hoodie outfit for 20 statuettes some time ago.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Black_Lion_Statuette
  7. +1, let us get rid of that compact button that just messes up the inventory.Or at least put is somewhere where we can't accidentally click it.
  8. What bags are you using?If you have any invisible bags that might be your problem as this is their intended behavior.
  9. Did you try digging at the top of the tree?The tiara should be buried there so you need a shovel to dig it up (skill 8)
  10. Because of how keyboards (especially usb keyboards) work. There is a limit to how many keypresses they can handle at one time and they don't always handle keys the same way, so sometimes you can press 4/5/6 keys and they all get registered and sometimes you can press 3 and the 4th won't get registered because it conflicts with the other 3. It's easy to test if you keyboard does this with one of the tools, check something like http://random.xem.us/rollover.html, press the keys as you would while playing and see if it registers the keys correctly.
  11. It might be that your keyboard has some rollover issues when using the keypad.There should be some software that can help you test but I don't have any experience with that.Also check the keybinds in game to make sure the numpad and movement keys aren't double bound to actions.
  12. If you have the griffon and the new endurance mastery you can switch to the griffon in the low gravity zone and fly to the end ignoring all the blocks. The lower gravity combined with the wing flap from the griffon and if needed extra flaps with the endurance skill should be more then enough to make it to the end.
  13. After the last big jump to the bossroom you get hit by agony which puts you in combat for a few seconds, you should be able to take the singularity after 5 seconds or so. Were you still unable to get it for longer tehn that? The fly can be made vulnerable and killed by pulling him into the little green circle where you pick up the ball to start the fight (as long as noone picked up the ball) Ofcourse these are not proper solutions and it would be better to put the singularities outside the boss rooms so they can be picked up without issue or even that they are automaticly applied when you ent
  14. There is no time limit for getting world completion on any character.Since it has been 3 years and some points were added or changed could it be that you already had world completion on that character before? if so you would not get it again by getting the added poi's.The first time I did world completion on any character it did not trigger until I also explored all areas of the maps, you can check the explorer achievements to see if you missed any of them https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/ExplorerAnother common issue is when you get a consumable item from a hero point, complete all the map e
  15. You may be confusing precision blade (kill 50 enemies) with hold the line (survive 5 minutes).For precision blade it's best to bring as much aoe dps as you can, food and utilities can help, and kill the enemies as fast as possible. As long as shadow is around stay close to her as she does quite a lot of damage too and can tank some of the enemies.I am not familiar enough with chrono skills to give any advise on those but i'm sure someone else can help you with that.
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