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  1. Anet removed a lot of things that I personally enjoyed.Hammer all but got deleted from WvW except for Revs and EngisWarrior got butcheredThief is forced to play build 1 2 or 3 with no room for experimentation like back in the dayGame revolves around boon removal and condition output instead of raw utility management and dodge mechanics/player skill - I hopped on a scourge out of curiosity and just destroyed people because they don't press the V key anymoreCondition output by certain classes is unbelievably unbalanced and unfair - Condition mirage is still an issue from when PoF came out I've j
  2. idk man hitting 50k in bearform is pretty addicting.
  3. 2k dmg per supply used, 25x2k= 50k dmg. The skill isn't supposed to replace rams, its supposed to give someone something to do when someone is on the ram.
  4. A lot of NA people are xferring over to EU because ya'll have higher WvW populations overall. So hi from america I guess?
  5. I have a few issues with warclaw.-Real roaming doesn't exist T1-2-I effectively have +10-12k hp on top of my own health pool.-I can wait for anyone to burst me, dismount and I immediately have a huge advantage over whatever roamer decided to attack me.-I can't effectively run away with while roaming in a 1v2+ scenario. Because 1 player will keep me in combat, and the other will get OOC, and catch up to me on warclaw, forcing a death.-No dismount skill means I can't force people to fight me. That's literally the whole point of open world pvp.-No forced CC options for mounted players. If I smack
  6. While I agree with you, I'm assuming you play ranger because of the pic, but soulbeast auto LB hits for 5-8k so I'd rather they keep dmg redux the way it is
  7. My issue is running full minstrel bunker guard and a soulbeast 1 shotting with LB from across the map. Don't know if its a bug or what the deal is. But its definitely a pain.
  8. NSP has a pretty decent server pop for your time frame, but its highly dependent on if Nic is online. Otherwise its pretty dead.Anvril Rock has eA thats online during that time frame, might be worth trying to get into there, but the server is full.good luck, hope you find what you're looking for
  9. The whole point of thief is to be high risk high reward. But Anet took most of the reward away, now you're all risk no reward and midiocre dmg unless you spam vault or rifle 3. lol
  10. People mad because they get 1 shotted. It happens. Thief already got nerfed to hell, and won't rest until it hits 100 criticals with every skill it has because "stealth is a broken game mechanic." its not with all the reveals, AoEs, and stealth tracking multiple classes have. The profile picture is deceiving, because I don't main thief anymore, and haven't for a long time.
  11. If anet ever takes away the build variety and diversity of WvW for a more SPvP "Structured" amulet system I will quit this game so fast. lol
  12. While I enjoy melee ball making a comeback over pirate ship meta. I still hate the mount. Esp because its ugly as hell.
  13. The issue is the way boon priority works. If you're in a squad the closest 5 people get boons. If 3/5 of those people are in your sub group those 3 get priority then randomly selects 2 close people. If a ranger is on top of tag, and a Scourge is off by just 50 units, the scourge won't get boons when the scourge DESPERATELY needs the stability to be effective in fights. When I tag, if I have rangers etc, I tend to put them in a sub group by themselves, and ask someone to tag targets to pew pew single target snipe. But again, ranger in general isn't very good for large scale fights, which is wh
  14. EoTM is a dead game mode. Its been abandoned by anet. Take the rewards away and the players won't go. I'd be fine with EoTM having a pip/karma reward thing again. I think its a good opportunity for people to get a taste of WvW outside of the "competitive" side of WvW.
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