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  1. Hot: cool metas PoF: cool specs EoD: for god's sake nerf dragon's end already
  2. Had 0 successes with more or less organized pugs, decided to try once more since i needed mastery for charging crystals anyway. Comm planned, organized and shotcalled literally everything that's possible, but we still failed at 1%. Never doing this meta again unless it gets nerfed. And i hope everyone else who hates it just stops doing it so that anet can finally boast with their 90% success rate with no people playing
  3. You are just mad because your virgin 12k hp full ascended vipers/sinister firebrand dies to a sneeze in openworld unlike my gigachad super tengen toppa gurren lagann mechanist 😘
  4. So here's a tiny, but interesting bug. For me gunsaber has kinda default-warrior-gs swing trace, BUT if you change last trait in bladesworn tree while gunsaber is active, it changes its trace to a cool-looking orange one until i sheath it and then it's back to normal. I really hope that orange trace is the one that should be default for gunsaber.
  5. While shroud and pistol skills are great, elixirs just feel incredibly boring and unimpactful
  6. I really hope that Aurene will be broughht back to life, mainly because everything since HoT release was centered around her, and if she's completely dead, a LOT of player's effort in HoT, LS 3-4 and PoF is made completely worthless, and it will basically feel like all the time we spent on aurene was totally wasted
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