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  1. The comps of the best teams in a tryhard tournaments tell more about balance than 10k ranked matches (or 10 random tournament matches), even more so when both go for the exact same setup. Because ranked is a clownfiesta where everyone plays whatever they want and barely anyone cares about what's "the best". It's those tryhard tournaments that bring out the truly broken stuff. And then there is no need for a big sample size. Context is relevant, not raw numbers.
  2. "Skillful builds" ... guess Xv1 ganking is skillful as long you play power ... Apart from that many don't give a kitten about those "skillful" builds and play cele. Which benefits immensly from might. Ofc cele duels are awful a lot of the time. But something like that couldn't possibly be one reason why dueling has become less fun, nonono ... And even many pure power builds have some dmg condis in their build and therefore the condition dmg bonus from might is not wasted. It was actually possible to find players for dueling in OS, so yea, sometimes you could just go there wit
  3. 100 power would be 4% dmg - that's about what dmg varies due to weapon strenght alone. And crit is even more rng dependent, so those few % are going to matter less than sheer luck (that's why vision sigil > accuracy btw). We aren't talking about sustained pve parses after all. Also some classes can build for 100% crit chance, then extra precision does exactly nothing. Builds that can stack 15+ stacks of might aren't that uncommon, if not with permanent uptime then at least during burst phases. You know, when those buffs matter. 100 extra armor is 5% less dmg taken at most.
  4. 100 armor more does not reduce dmg taken by anywhere close to 15%, nor do you gain/lose 8% dmg. Those numbers are simply bs. I've dueled in areas with swapping guild auras and it wasn't noticable at all. Certainly doesn't lead to someone getting "facerolled". I also never had someone complain about losing a fight or not wanting to duel because of claim buffs, nor do i care myself, even tho i'm often fighting in enemy territory. But everyone is crying about balance, unfun builds and bad build design and if you ask anyone why they quit playing/roaming, that's likely what they are going to b
  5. While i don't like claim buffs either, those are not the main reason why small scale and dueling suffers since HoT. It was (and still is) primarily because of awful class/spec balance that made fights a lot less fun. Warclaw put another nail into the coffin. Guild auras are negligible compared to those factors.
  6. What attacks exactly? Sand Shards by chance? I remember seeing footage of an exploit that allowed someone to trigger Dune Cloak trait pretty much non stop, insta killing anyone who got close despite the trait having very low dmg. Generally, why is it so hard to bring up actual skills, numbers, screens, videos, etc, whenever something presumably "fishy" is going on? It is always the same meaningless statements like "i got insta killed, that's not possible", "i dealt no dmg, clearly cheats", bla bla bla bla. Impossible to take stuff like that serious with all the false accusations arro
  7. "high-level positioning" just lol Shows how ridiculous low the skill requirements are for zerging.
  8. Makros can't circumvent regular game mechanics. They change input, not output. And there are plenty of multihit skills that can deal a lot of dmg within a short period of time despite small numbers per hit. Since you aren't providing actual examples nor has anyone else ever shown any evidence for that kind of hacking (and it would be very easy to proof with screens/videos), i call bs on the "package editing" stuff.
  9. I'm very certain cele gear has never been nerfed outside of sPvP. You are probably thinking about builds that ran cele. And while some cele builds where quite strong at some points, the stats were never as dominating in WvW as they are now. Not sure if you should exempt thief, considering i have been able to put up a decent fight as cele specter vs very good sa dp daredevils as well as win plenty of other 1vs1/1vs2 the very first day i picked up the class. That shouldn't happen, i mean, i was just pressing random buttons ...
  10. And if you slap anything else but cele onto those builds it doesn't matter, right ... Nerfs a lot of stat combinations that are already garbage and does not address the huge discrepancy in total stats between cele and any other attribute combination.
  11. Yea, being able to facetank aoe solely due to numbers instead of having to actively avoid them - like anyone in a grp of 5 or less has to do - is surely "skillful" gameplay ...
  12. It has always been possible to make bad builds arround literally anything. Does this mean nothing has ever been op? Certainly not. So just because some classes/specs/builds are weaker than others, it doesn't mean cele isn't op.
  13. It would make more sense to be the other way arround - transfers before the relinking but not after, otherwise what's the point of relinkings if players shuffle arround anyway?
  14. It is bad as PvP support tho. Always has been. Even when the spec was good overall, it was primarily played as duelist with some added teamfight utility, but never as pure support (at higher lvls anyway). And this is why. Healing numbers aren't what's holding druid back as support, so bigger numbers don't change anything. Apart from that 500 more healing power isn't anywhere close to doubling your healing output, the proc also has low duration and it forces you into running glyphs which are underwhelming. Monk, dwayna or defensive runes are much better without doubt.
  15. Because cele got massive undeserved buffs. It was balanced before. Now it isn't anymore. Doesn't mean it is the only thing contributing to imbalance, but it certainly is a big factor.
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