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  1. This! Most competition in WvW is not and never has been about any score - it's all about winning fights. From duels, over outnumbered solo and small scale fights, GvG, fights for specific objectives of any scale to large open field blob vs blob. It's all some sort of competition. A score isn't neccessary to create competition, nor does a scoring system inevitably lead to more or better competition.
  2. You can swap unleashed stance mid cast, which allows you to proc quickness with hammer cc for example. What the better skill is depends entirely on the situation and as such it is strictly better to have access to both versions, instead of being limitd to only one that will not always be the best. On Untamed you can choose cc/defense or damage, depending on what you need. On other specs you are stuck with either low dmg cc skills even when you don't need any cc or you maximise dmg but don't have any cc. Like already mentioned - you are supposed to swap between both states and if you do that you can follow up your hammer cc with hammer burst just fine. Yes, it is a bit more complex, but not everything needs to be easymode.
  3. Playing on MoL definitely sucks, i can see that, but MoL is an outlier, that hopefully will be adressed soon, alongside maybe a couple of other issues too. Just because a new system might still have bugs, doesn't mean the whole system is trash tho. Also WR can't and isn't supposed to fix everything. For example yesterday i saw people in chat complain about our "dead" server, but when i look at the number of deaths that we managed to rack up in just a couple of days, clearly it's just the players that are dead a lot of the time, not so much the world. And i'm not sure if that's something WR can and should actually fix.
  4. It's is the very nature of WvW as a large scale open world 24/7 PvP game mode that makes any score system rather pointless for anything but matchmaking purposes. In oder to get a more "credible and competitive" system, you'd have to destroy WvW and turn it into a different game mode. No thanks, i'd rather keep it as it is, including its "pointless" points. If you want more score based competition, you can always play sPvP, which is a much better fit.
  5. There will always be some imbalance, that's just the nature of WvW. However it is an undeniable fact that population balance was way worse before linkings. And just deleting servers won't solve the issue in the long run, because players are terrible at balancing things out themselvses.
  6. So if overall population drops - players randomly get forced on a different server, because the one they are on currently is over the cap? No? Well, then the cap is worthless, because population decline tends to be worse at the bottom and players from "full" servers would be even less inclined to transfer, because they won't be able to get back. Anyway, we had mono servers for a while - and it didn't work out well. No reason to go back to a system that didn't work. Period.
  7. 2nd placed server would stay right were it was ... and even the losing server might end up steamrolling instead of getting an actually even match. Again, the problem wasn't that servers with too big "rank" difference were getting matched - yes that happened too, but not that often. The problem was that there simply weren't enough servers with close enough population - it was virtually impossible to create even matches for all servers, regardless of what matchmaking system would be in place. 1up1down only works if the population decline throughout the "ranks" and tiers is steady and low - like the green line in this picture. In reality it looked more like the red line with big gaps between some servers that were still right next to each other in the population ranking, and with a tendency to get worse over time - and that's always going to happen without a mechanism to smooth out the population.
  8. Playerbase fom 8 years ago and now isn't the same either, yet WvW population has remained relatively stable since linking was introduced. Something that can't be said about the time before. It literally was the "best" bronze servers that got steamrolled by the "worst" silver servers. The very same servers would have faced each other in a 1up1down system too, because there were simply not enough servers with even enough population. And i'm not talking about losing, i'm talking about getting steamrolled 24/7 - week after week. Which had nothing to do with glicko and nothing to do with too many tiers.
  9. Player base was split between 9 tiers from the start, but low tiers servers weren't dead right away. It was the result of a process and that process isn't stopped by deleting tiers. Imbalanced matches were more common and more onsided than after linking or now WR. Even servers that were only 1 "rank" apart had massive population differences in some cases. Like when there were 8 servers with "bronze population" and 11 servers with "silver population", so there were always 2 "bronze" servers that got steamrolled by a "silver" server. Population gaps and resulting imbalance is bound to happen in a mono server system, no matter if it's glicko or 1up1down matchmaking, there's simply nothing that "smoothes" out the populations. Nonsense. During the earlier times we often had no (public) commanders and nobody cared, because people weren't brainless sheep back then and then there were times where two (very rarely even more) commanders would "compete" and accuse each other of "stealing" what little players there were left - that was when the server was already pretty dead - but certainly not because of a lack of commander. Generally i think it's better for WvW if players are more self-reliant instead of relying on a tiny handful of commanders to tell them what to do, because there's never a guarantee that those are always there for them. Relying on a small number of other players just creates a much more fragile enviroment - and don't get me started on the dumb gameplay ...
  10. Would maybe make sense if a) score/placement wasn't used for matchmaking purposes and b) if players could actually gain something for winning. Since neither a) nor b) do and should apply - it doesn't make sense and wouldn't improve anything.
  11. Inactive players can choose a world upon return. Lower tiers were dead, because players quit or transferred to "better" severs after getting steamrolled week after week. And that's not something that is fixed by deleting tiers, because eventually there's nothing left to delete. Right, because that worked so well in the past ... It does sound bad when you have stale and dead and massively imbalanced matches tho - and that's exactly what happened in the old mono server system.
  12. The entire point of WR is to avoid exactly that. Is it working flawlessly? No. But no system can produce fair matches and fights, if players only play if they can roflstomp their enemy with superior numbers and aren't even trying to engage if it's somewhat even.
  13. Right now victory points are only used for matchmaking purposes and as such those changes should be primarily changes to the matchmaking system. My guess is that they are trying to match worlds with a strong primetime presence (typically worlds with large "boon blobs" and pretty K/D but bad coverage) against each other to "fix" those k/d disparities and "lack of content" for boon blobs that we are seeing now. Will it work? I don't know. I wouldn't see it as playtime based punishment or reward for players right now, because player still don't gain anything from getting more victory points and winning matches. Ofc that can change eventually, and i wouldn't even be surprised if that's what they are eventually pushing for, and in that case i think it would be pretty unfair. But again, right now it shouldn't have any direkt impact on someones WvW experience, unless careing too much about something that has been meaningless since forever. They aren't giving that team A more score, because they think that timeframe is more balanced. They are giving them more score so they can eventually get matched against other teams with 200 players at 9 pm.
  14. What you are describing here is not an issue with the teambuilding or matchmaking system. As long there's players like who you don't even try to fight unless outnumbering and getting hardcarried, balanced matchmaking and fights are impossible to achieve.
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