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  1. If you had already traded Materials today for [Tengu Support Marks] you can not trade in Matreials for the [Olmakhan Support Marks], they are locked and it says I had already reached my daily limit. does that mean i`ll be left 6 [Olmakhan Support Marks] short? (5 being for trading them in and 1 for completing a bonus events daily)
  2. GreetingsThere will be a few pointers in here as to not get all taken as a single thing and get all jumbled up.1) Just as happens, i like to do map completion on all my toons. So here is my question. let us say i for some reason dont find a mesmer in the lfg and am on my 2nd map completon of the day... and as the dwarf only takes 1 key per day, is it possible to make it in the infamous POI chamber, or am i limited to only one map completion per day?~ 2) I really have no issues doing map events, have done plenty on this map, i just couldnt figure it out by myself if there is any other way to ac
  3. Oh, didn`t realize that sorry. It was just that i got the participation for the scarf on every map due to having finished it on either golden race or the adventure
  4. GreetingsJust did the Roller Beetle race in Snowden Drifts. And upon third lap i managed to get gold. And as i have already gotten gold in other races i got the golden scarf. But as i choose the scarf class and salvaged it, i have gone to check what my actual time was, as it was quite a surprise i managed it ^^To my surprise the adventure shows 00:33.040 and to qualify for gold you need 00:32. Do the race timers not show in the logs of the adventure? Because if they do i got gold time on 00:33.040 which shouldn`t have awarded me the golden scarf and all the associated achievements. Feel free t
  5. And a new trend seems to be getting up Ppl trolling Beetle races with tree tonics and yet no pve player report seems to be addedhttps://imgur.com/a/y4hlnWo
  6. GreetingsThe medical aid recording bug still persists. just today i got 2 of them for resing fellow players. it is partially my fault perhaps for having the recording device in my shared inventory slot. But it is easier & faster to jump on whichever character you are atm on, into a map that is filling up for Serpents`ire event.Could it be possible perhaps to temporarily disable that part of an achievement or would it have to be disabled as a whole?
  7. Greetings Sorry for being late on the topic, i just wanted to try this instance out couple of times on different toons. Once on a Dragonhunter and scourge i did it as said i broke her bar and no one spawned.And now i did it again on a daredevil with pretty higher dps burst and it just skipped over her breakbar stage as i got her to ~30% something percent. And none of those times counted towards my stay asleep sheep achievement. Is it (still) bugged?And also one out of the context sorry about that as well but i could not find any mention of it so far anywhere: a bug in the system X-T3R-M1N-8 ac
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