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  1. Not sure if Staff dmg is buffed or nerfed? Don't have a condi gear yet to check it by myself ...
  2. D/D + SB condi Daredevil (DD + Deadly Arts + Trickery or Acrobatics) for open world is just fine. Buffs on daggers and SB are more than welcome. At least it's not boring as Staff DD. I've found Carrion gear the best mixture of dmg and survivability for open world only. Trailblazer provides even better survivability but lack of power dmg is hardly acceptable. Full Viper's i don't feel comfortable enough with and crit is the most useless stat for condi DD anyway. It is not worth losing 7 - 9 k health just to get 10% more dmg from crit. With buff to Torment you can now use Dancing Dagger as
  3. Finally, a non pistol condi Thief is back i guess. Dmg buffs on d/d AND SB ... Not bad at all. If only you can do something with Heartseeker (Dagger #2), making it not 100% power damaging ability ... It's only used as gap closer for condi builds and some poor dmg option if you play a hybrid builds with power and condi stats, such as Viper's or Carrion.
  4. Each Outfit cost 20 Black Lion Statuettes, now you can't get them any more for BLS. You can only buy them on TP for a huge amount of gold. Instead we get some ugly armor skins available for 30 BLS. Why?
  5. Can't help myself, i am obsessed with celestial ele/tampest/weaver. I play celestial staff (or d/d) Tempest, celestial sw/d Weaver. No need to change gear when entering WvW for example. I like to keep same gear, same identity and i don't care, if dps is not the top as long as my survivability is. Anyway, you do realize that Healing stat on celestial gear is kind of a free stat? I wouldn't complain about getting one stat for free. Also it makes my Barriers much stronger = better survivability, and this is the main reason why healing is a good stat on Weaver: because of Barriers. I always take
  6. Interesting. Got any video or benchmark values on that? I've never been able to get the damage out of celestial and certainly not when rotating to water for healing. In fact I've come to dislike healing stat on non-support ele builds because the baseline healing is generally more than adequate so that it isn't worth the damage loss. Your thoughts? It's all about fun:) I don't care if i lose some dmg when staying in Water as long as i have fun. (off course i avoid water when killing non elite mobs) It's just that feeling about the class, when you rotate through all of your attunements ... You d
  7. Well, i like to play with ALL 4 attunements, so i've found full celestial Weaver with sword and dagger the only option for that kind of playstyle. Very relaxing and so much fun when you can swap between all 4 attunements randomly and you feel that each attunement has it's own value. You are pretty much unkillable with full Celestial and dmg is on pair with full dire/trailblaizer while also keeping a fair amount of healing power. And you need absolutely no rotation (with exception vs very hard content): it couldn't be easier.
  8. "lazy mode" "you should copy other devs" Removing more and more Amulets is lazy mode and totally unproductive. Do you really want to play PvP in GW2 2022 with only Berserker and Sinister Amulets left? I don't think so. Without Mender Amulet i can't find a way how to play my Elementalist any more. Is just way too squishy. Copying ideas from some other games is still better then removing Amulets. If Anet doesn't know how to make PvP a better experience they should copy some ideas from other games. Removing more and more Amuletes from the game is not the right way. Less builds, less way to play
  9. Marauder is the best for open world: go full Marauder or Marauder Trinkets and Weapon + Beresrker Armor. You will only do around 7% to 10% less dmg than full Berserker but you will get much better survivability in return. You don't need superior dps for open world: survivability also matters a lot. Don't worry about crit cap: when not in Reaper Shroud your crit won't pass 60% in full ascended Marauder gear anyway. It's not all about doing dmg in Reaper Shroud. Crit is also needed out of Shroud and 60% is not much at all. I usually play with full Marauder + 7% crit on Weapon Sigil, that gives m
  10. More and more balance = less and less players.
  11. The game has to be fun in the first place! With removing more and more Amulets from the game, we get more balance and very boring/limited playstyle options. If i really want a 100% balance game i would play chess! Why don't you remove certain Amulets from Ranked PvP only and leave them alone in unranked PvP? It's already stupid enough that we can't play PvP with our own gear with our own stats. Or just copy some rules form World of Warcraft PvP system, for god sake: casual Pvp in WoW you can play whatewer build you want with whatever gear you can get. No one cares if you play a tank, healer,
  12. An old condi D/D is still more viable than power D/D which is crap. It's far from being a perfect build, but it's not that bad either. Just take condi stats (Trailblaizer or you can add some Carrion pieces if you need more Power, crit is not needed at all). Oh and don't forget your Shortbow. Condi P/D is still in a better place than condi D/D, but you can have both weapon sets, if you don't take WvW too serious: P/D and D/D, if you think you can live without SB.
  13. 99% of staves in this game looks like wizard's staves. There are only 2 or 3 exceptions. That's kind of weird, because we have two professions that use staff as a melee weapon: Revenant and Daredevil. Can we get more staff skins that looks like a melee staff (something like Daredevil's base staff skin) or at least looks more like a spear?
  14. I don't understand why Longbow (condition or hybrid stats) is better than power Rifle in all aspect of the game: better single and aoe dmg. Rifle doesn't even have one single aoe attack. I would expect that a pure single target weapon would deal at least 20% more single target dmg than aoe weapon. But nope, Longbow single target dmg is just superior to Rifle. Rifle has one of the weakest AA in the game, while Longbow AA, if traited with Crack Shot, is way higher dmg (at least 2 times higher than Rifle's aa crit dmg or four times non crit). I am talking about condi Longbow vs Power Rifle.
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