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  1. Yep. Condition double daggers + Shortbow Daredevil (Carrion, Rabid or even Wizard Amulet) is super easy, one of the strongest 1 vs 1 and 1 vs 2 profession in the game. Very very forgiving for the mistakes in unranked and lower ranked arena. Survivability is just awesome, while dmg is not that bad at all. Sure, Sword condi Weaver is better for example, but the rotation is not very beginner friendly. We are talking here about professions that can be easy and still effective, not the best but effective. If you have in mind higher ranked arena (which i doubt) than you can forget about double
  2. Easiest and effective? Condi D/D Daredevil with no doubt. Just spam #3 and dodge. (if you have in mind Unranked only PvP. Ranked is a bit different story). Burn Guardian is also on pair with condi d/d Daredevil. Super easy and very powerful. Survivability is not great though. Another one is condi Necromancer or Scourge. Ranger is also pretty easy but lucks both survivability and dmg. Avoid Elementalist, Revenant, Mesmer (condi Mirage is actually pretty easy in my hands at least, while Power Chronomancer is probably one of the hardest pvp builds in the game) and Engineer.
  3. Non kit Scrapper Engineer with Hammer. But if you don't yet get expansions, double condi dagger Thief (Celestial or Trailblazer gear) can be an alternative. Another option might be Staff Elementalist with Marauder gear and some defensive Runes. You can stay in Fire Attunement 100% of the time (not optimal, but it works somehow in open world at least). Anyway, swapping weapons doesn't add more buttons/keybinds, you know?
  4. Power or condition? If you prefer Power, spec Daredevil Staff with Marauder gear = very good survivability and dmg with right traits. Top tier for raids and fractals. If you prefer double daggers go Daredevil condition with Celestial gear and you will become unkilllable. Viper gear is more dmg but much lower survivability. You can mix Celestial trinkets with Viper's armor. Avoid Trailblazer because too much Toughness = aggro! Avoid Deadeye until you get more familiar with Thief's mechanics. Also double daggers are more condi oriented weapons, while double Pistols are pure power, so
  5. There are classes with better survivability than Reaper: Condi Staff Mirage (unkillable in open world), condi double dagger Daredevil, condi or power Renegade (the best solo elite spec in the game), condi scourge, Power Spellbreaker and condi Tempest or Weaver. Maybe i can add a non kit Hammer Scraper and Celestial Firebrand on the list too .
  6. How can you die as Weaver???? Do you play full glass canon Weaver with 11k health or what? In my hands, Celestial Weaver is way stronger than Reaper and even stronger than Scourge. As Celestial or Trailblazer weaver i simply can't die in open world, while as Reaper i am more vulnerable. Condi Scourge is really kind of one man army but so is condi Weaver. Just get yourself Celestial or Trailblzer gear and you won't ever die on your Weaver, i promise you.
  7. Celestial Berserker: Longbow + Sword/Torch. I am afraid there are no other options ... It's like Viper's playstyle with much better survivability and around 20% lower dmg.
  8. I don't play Power Staff any more: too squishy and you need to stay in Fire Attunement most of the time, which makes the playstyle boring. Instead i play Tempest Celestial Staff (sometimes Weaver Celestial Staff too) and i am finally satisfied. Dmg is not bad with the right traits and skills, If you rotate between Earth Eruption (great condi dmg) and Fire Flame Burst, Lava Font and Burning Retreat + Overload Fire and Overload Earth off course. Rarely i use Meteor Shower when i play solo pve. Water is great for support and healing, while Air sucks , i have to admit that. With Celestial St
  9. Celestial Power is even lower dmg than Soldier i guess? I play Celestial as hybrid Weaver and Tempest (and condi Daredevil sometimes) and it works perfectly for a mixture of all stats, though is still more condi oriented gear. If you focus only on Power and survivability i am sure there are better options than Celestial gear ... A mix of Marauder, Knight and Cavalier might work, but i would prefer if Anet would add new gear with power, vitality, precision and toughness stats, so that we don't need to mix gear just to get an inferior alternative to Trailbalzer gear.
  10. I mean as a condi player in open world or WvW you can replace your Viper gear with full Trailbalzer and your dmg will only drop for around 20% or 25%, depends of Profession/Build etc., while you get a huge amount of survivability in return. As a Power player you don't have much options, if you prefer more defensive playstyle. You can equip Marauder gear, which is a boost to your Vitality (and only slightly dmg loss), but no Toughness is added, so in the terms of survivability it is inferior to Trailblazer. Another bad option is Soldier gear, when you get both: Toughness
  11. If you play Celestial Weaver you should get as much crit as possible, otherwise your Ferocity and Precision stats would get wasted. 50% would be minimal. I have 54% base crit (74% with Fury) with Signet of Fire and Superior Sigil of Accuracy (7% crit). All you need then is Superior Sigil of Earth and Superior rune of Divinity. Fire/Arcane/Weaver, Sword/Dagger for max dmg and Sword/Focus for a little bit more defensive playstyle and you are ready to go:) Without enough crit you will be forced to rotate between Fire and Earth mostly, which is not fun at all. With enough crit your rotation goes
  12. Not sure about ranked, but in unranked i destroy everything with condi D/D + SB Daredevil. It's way to op in 1 vs1 and even 1 vs 2. I have no idea why people play P/D Thief when D/D is soooo much better in terms of survivability and 1 vs 1. Dmg is not that bad either. Another one is condi Scourge: not that strong 1 vs 1 as condi DD, but offers way more team support.
  13. I am not comparing Hammers to Daggers ... I am just pointing out that you can see Daggers everywhere (both mainhand and offhand) while you barely se anyone playing with Hammer. Why? Because Hammer (with exception of Scraper) has a limited use in WvW and maybe PvP and sure, you can play it in open world, but everything works in open world, while you can see daggers in PvP, wvw, open world, and instance pve. You can play condi, power, hybrid, support/healing Daggers. Hammer is just a pure Power weapon with little cc and very little support in most cases. It feels stupid that the smallest weapon
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