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  1. Yes! Make it larger of course. She/He is the commander after all.:-)
  2. What if the biggest reveal from the trailer was right in front of our noses... Everyone gets his own airship as home instance to decorate and do whatever lol. Probably not going to happen haha, but I always found it most logic the commander would have an Airship instead of the race home instance. He travels the world to help people out no? Rack up all the nodes in a neat line for easy looting and get some more toys for the folk you can invite. Hang up some banners idk. Maybe even have the option to lower the airship and do some fishing etc.
  3. I'm lazy. Black Lion Hunters Contract for my home instance. Let them gather all the crap every day and mail it to me. ☺️
  4. Take advantage of the many mesmers atm. It took me 20 min following a helpfull mesmer. Key is to do it now and not wait.
  5. I think that's because you bought a certain version of the game or something. I don't have that sale for instance, but my other account does have it. Maybe it's linked to PoF or something? Havin said that: I need more character slots for this account. It would be nice if they went on sale. Or any "Upgrade" for that matter... it's been a while.
  6. Max karmic retribution on Sandswept Isles and destroy krabs and moa's near Anniogel Encampment Waypoint (shoreline facing the other island were the robot is). 200 karma per kill-> 50.000 Karma in 30 min. You will never have to wait for wintersday ever again... and not worry about getting karma ever again lol.
  7. Same... can't interact with them
  8. Not sure if this has been suggested already but: The home instance could use some love, maybe by simply activating gliding and mounts. The Norn would love that anyway... We do a lot of walking XD
  9. Same. I buy a lot of gems, for myself and my 7 year old daughter's account..who loves to dress-up her character. Would be nice to see some love for the EU player-base too...
  10. I had to farm for my skyscale in sandswept isles... What a nightmare. But it wasn't just that map. Thunderhead was terrible too. 1 to 3 sec of lag... I'm glad I am done with those maps for now. :-( Hope they fix it before the Steam folk swarm the servers.
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