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  1. I really hope no body gonna "Gank" me when i'll put this t-short outdoor....
  2. Lul, as i said, i just come back to the game but nothing change. Once you point exactly what dosen't works and you said "Anet don't do their job", "u've been warned" and posts erased. See ya in another 4 months.
  3. Hi there, I just comeback to the game and i'm just wondering, is thief's portal is better than the mesmer one now ??? In other way, has Anet just make a flower to sindrener to kick mesmer from his team for a more valuable profession ? Regards,
  4. Nah 2 much.... Imo, a light modification can handle all the OP thief's builds : You use a weapon's skill for the first time, it will cost the usual initiatives, if you reuse it instantly (or in the next two seconds for example) it will cost the iniatives +1, next time +2 until there are no more initiatives left or almost and there, we reset and that's it. It will push a good part of thieves to make their brains works, to watch their placements and know when to attack or not instead of squeezing the same button forever (like the skillful SD thief 2 2 2, pistol whip 3 3 3, old and new condi
  5. I KNOW right? But if there's any specific profession you'd like me to dig up and compare it to modern footage of said profession on the same or at least similar stats I'm happy to attempt to do so. I don't want to cut in the hype but....you know that @Alatar.7364 have been sarcastic cuz he's a thief's main, right ??........... :#
  6. I haven't read all what you wrote but anything gonna make support Tempest better, i'm in, +1 You have Weaver for damages, i have Tempest for support ;)
  7. People cry/whine and will always cry about mesmer as long as he has clones, it will never stop. Imo, it's the basic problem of people with mesmer :/ ( damages modifier with clones (condi/powa) And finding the real one :s )
  8. If you really have done some Maths, be a little more logical man, you can't just drop your list like that and tell us "it's a fact, deal with it" :# "I did this via statistical analysis" ......And what ??? and how ??! it's very large... have you begin a curriculum as a "Data analyst" and you want to show us that you study well ??! Give some sources, some data, how do you do your maths, formulas ????!! Nahhh without all this i can't agree with your list nether with your numbers...... From a data scientist ;)
  9. I must say that I was furious with this nerf and I've put my mirage in the closet (especially since I didn't play Meta, I don't like staff, personal choice ^^ ) .... until yesterday. And I must say that I was surprised, in 2 vs 2, I'm really doing good with my condi mirage, it's true that I lose some survivability/damages with the one dodge man but I adapted my fight style, I put my burst and then I move away to temporise and then I go back and it works pretty well. I'll try it again to see if it's been just a lucky day or a fact ;)
  10. This advice is to general, soloQ works quite well if you can carry and the other teammate listens to calls You can't carry a PVE boy......
  11. No offense Mister Weaver, stay calm :) Two people thinks it's 2 others ppl who hit the op, i've said "no, it's a SINGLE weaver burst" error corrected. No call for nerfing or anything....not my job ;)
  12. Three years as a thief main and you complain about it :s With all the partiality i can give you (really), the problem is elsewhere then.....
  13. Thank you Senpaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii for the lesson :3 (as a Fb will just stay there and let you do what you want or i'll make a specific build just to counter a single Fb knowing that 4 others guys will REKT me in the way while i'm trying to..... remove some boons from a boon's machine) From a PVE Guardian main :)
  14. It's just a SINGLE Weaver burst. As @DanAlcedo.3281 says, maybe the OP was cceed and he eat all the burst bu everything in the log is from a weaver even if i don't see the damages of "rapid fire" who kills the op....
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