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  1. To be honest this discussion is as old as the game (And other MMO's i played) itself. Imo the truth is: GW2 is a mostly player skill based game. You can not outgear bad skill usage or not/missing dodges/blocks/evadeskills. Also most people i know play games to have fun and don't want to learn to optimize their gear/skill knowledge of game mechaniks. Don't get me wrong i have experienced both ends of the skill spectrum. I had my fair share of time as an min/max pushing/speed clear gamer. These days i play just OW content and casualy carry friends on heal scourge or other sligthly broken support
  2. I will never got this exclusive thing about stuff that is no longer avaible. It feels more like i was being on the rigth place at the rigth time. Prestigious titels are fine as long as they aviable to everyone. I like hard to get titels, skins or pets/mounts. But i think everyone at any given time should be able to get them too. Let it be a hilarious grindfest or a real display of class knowledge or skillfull play but let everyone be potential part of it.
  3. Greetings, i got my mother to play along with me trough Tyria. We played EQ2 before together but that game is no longer suitable for her. She played an Illusionist as main class. So she choosed Mesmer as her first pick. She tried GS Sword/Sword/Focus but it's not her playstyle. She want a more Mage/Wizard like approach so i got her an Staff and a Scepter/Pistol. I'm not that familiar with mesmer (played Chrono ages ago in the god old chrono jail times) so i have not really a clue for an build. We are still leveling. I need a build wich she can use all the way up 80. It should also
  4. Greetings, this may seem to be an odd question but how and where does magic user learn to use it? Are there any schools? I never saw some npc's teaching it. Or some kind of school/university or institution. For Humans maybe the priests of the nine could teach it. But what's about the other races? Or are people just born naturality gifted in magic?
  5. I feel that. I main necro exclusive from day one. Had a really long rough time with it to some extend in pve it still has the noob or beeing bad stigma, just necro things you know. I'm still hoping ANet will buff other classes instead of swinging the nerf bat. I was always a fan of bringing other classes up to the rest of the competition rather than hammering down the good performing ones. Maybe EoD will shake up the actual meta. On the other other hand these days i'm just an ow map event pleb and silver pvp guy so the meta is not that punishing for me anymore. Also necro got some viability so
  6. While i agree that other professions have had a hard time on the last developmet cycles too since PoF release we should not argue about who got the short end of the viability/balance stick. This will not solve any issues. We should be vocal about the glearing issues/problems of every spec to made them all better for every one! Wiping away complains about a spec by drawing the ''xyz'' has it way worse card will change nothing imo. and figthing about who got it worse leads to nothing.
  7. If you are in Shroud you can not be healed. So if you drop to low health before you enter Shroud the whole Team around can get healed up but you stay at your low HP. This can lead to the problem, that if you need to dodge in Shroud and use all your rolls you have nearly no defense options if you get out of shroud. So the healer need to focus heal you (And maybe needs to use cooldowns) and pay extra attention to you, he can not dps at this time.
  8. I have had great sucess with an Weaver Trailblazer build. I'm not against piano playing like classes but i'm also an older gamer and need really to focus on what i'm doing if i permanently flow trough all of the elements. Somedays that's fun, but often i just want to relax and not go all in. I first run a condi weaver build with carrion gear. Changed it into trailblazer and mostly just rotate between fire and earth. I got my inspiration from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2C1NnjugMk&ab_channel=HardcoreCasual I use the same build, only switching between
  9. To be honest i was hoping for some kind of new elite with a summoner theme. I would really enjoy to buff my minions and debuffing my enemies and finally let the minions explode in one big glourius boom. Or something like this: You need to summon lesser minions and sacrifice them to get one big thing. I really like the approach GW2 take on the whole death magic thing. It's not evil it's just a spectrum of magic that you use. I'm really jealous about the engis. Something like the mech i always wanted for my necro. A big summoned abomination which i can order to use different attacks and buff it
  10. Yeah that's the point. What does Harbinger want to be? For sure in the first Beta it was far from perfect but i felt it was way more on the glass cannon high risk/high reward side of things, that CMC told us about it's design idea and direction... But now? I don't know. Maybe with absurd high number tuning Hrabinger will be somewhat okayish but i feel like Reaper/Scourge just feels better and will remain the to go pick. Hopefully they don't nerf the hell out of those two elites to make Harbi look better.
  11. Nah i don't think i will quit playing necro. I have 8k+ hours on my toon. I have gone trough all ups (okay there were not this many ups ^^) and downs. I'm used to it. But it blows my mind, after the hot mess scourge was at PoF release and the trillion trys and attempts to balance/fix it or at least to make it not a complete toxic spec to play against, we are sitting here with an other round of ''let's introduce another complete game breaking or useless necro elite'' meme... To quote from another game i used to play a lot: ''Suffer well'' Also my other most played toon my mesmer got
  12. Greetings, i'm looking for a pistol to get in preperation for my necro main to use on Harbinger. I really dislike the deafult attack sound of the pistol skills. So are there any pistols aside from Hope which have some unique attack sounds?
  13. This is my greatest fear too. I play necro since HoT. I have gone trough a lot of straneg development cycles with it. There was times necro was not viable. There where times a new Espec comes out totally busted op. After all this years i thing the Devs still does not exactly knows what to do with the necromancers class. Now we got a new Xpac comming with a new elite. Nice concept but the execution seems really off/lacking. Everything Harbinger offers do the other necro specs better imo. Not taking into account the other classes. I will not quit playing necro because i love my main class. But i
  14. Greetings, first of all sry for my typos english is not my native language and i hadn't used it for a while. I play necromancer since the release of HoT as my main class. I mostly do PvE so my feedback is only related to this gamemode. Overall i like the coceptional idea and theme. A high risk/high reward glass cannon with a build in trade off for it's dps wich the player need to manage with the blight stacks. So far so good, but imo the execution is really lacking. The change to the elixirs to be throwable aoe are good, but feels very lackluster
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