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  1. Unfortunately the beetle saddle will be followed by another collection. And the Skyscale mount requires its own series of collections later in the season, so it is a bit of a trend for the living world mounts, yes.
  2. I suppose I should've left my personal issues out of it since that seems to be what gets focused on now, instead of the suggestion itself, good to know for the future at least. You bring up a good point with the two gifts of exploration thing. Given the time it takes to run a map complete and that you can do it only once per character I think it's not a bad trade exactly, but it might be something that needs to be taken into consideration if an exchange functionality was to be implemented.
  3. I am doing just fine in PvE environment, which is where I spend my time while playing guild wars. It's the PvP part that makes me uncomfortable. I'm not entirely sure if I can pinpoint it, but I think it's because PvE in guild wars is generally a pretty chill environment. Going into PvP forces me to keep my guard up at all times because it's a lot more unpredictable. Joining a zerg has made me feel a bit more alright at times, safety in numbers, I guess. But my last time with a zerg was pretty bad because I kept getting ridiculed and called trash for "not joining the condi meta" (was a while
  4. I'm writing this from the point of a PvE player who gets intense anxiety from just stepping foot in PvP environments. So knowing what I enjoy and what makes me feel absolutely awful, I avoid those game modes... except I need to go into WvW for the Gift of Battle every time I want to make a legendary, which I do want to make because nice long term goals and all that. Now, I know that a lot of arguments against just being able to get the Gift of Battle outside of WvW is that the WvW player base still has to deal with a bunch of PvE stuff if they want to make legendaries. While I don't think we c
  5. Please no, I'm still burnt out after the festival of the four winds. Having some downtime between festivals is good to recharge.
  6. Been trying for weeks now to get this event to spawn to progress the Vision collection, but no dice. And yes, the pre-events do get done. Skies are clear, pepperseed ready to go, supplies are stocked and the branded forgotten gets murdered. According to the wiki this should start the defense event, followed by pepperseed escort, but nothing happens, and after a while the branded forgotten event simply resets. Could you guys please get to this? It seems to have been bugged for a while now, and it's an event that's required for a legendary, that's kind of a big deal. Also still getting massive l
  7. All I want from the gem store is a Celestial Rooster raptor skin. C'mon Anet, you know you guys love this little thing, please make it a big thing.
  8. Something fairly short without too much weapon switching would be nice, just to keep it easier to memorize it. And it'd be neat if it didn't contain too many repositioning skills. The brief time I put a sword in the hands of my ranger made me kill myself more than the enemies did. Right now I'm mainly playing power and condi warriors, but I'm really hoping to bring a condi scourge and maybe a power reaper into the mix sometime soon.
  9. I'm trying to get back into raiding but it's a bit tricky. Between kinda poor reflexes, easily getting overwhelmed by mechanics and trying to keep a rotation going at the same time, things get... messy, quite often. So I was wondering if there are any guides for maybe not "The Ultimate" but still effective rotations that are easier to memorize than what tends to be posted on snow crows?
  10. The fake trailer looks cool, but honestly we got enough human focus in PoF. I'd rather we go to somewhere that's more focused on other races in the future. Not necessarily a playable race... Just not more human stuff, they're easily the most boring race in the game.
  11. To me my characters aren't extensions of myself, just dress up dolls when it comes to armor and outfits. That said, I'd love to get the option to use the "male" version on my female characters 'cause I never was a fan of the way female armors are portrayed far too often. And using the "female" version of an outfit on my male characters would be neat. More options is always fun. Anet, if you let me use the "feminine" version of Kasmeer's outfit on my Faren alt I'll actually buy it.
  12. I realize this isn't the biggest issue out there but it's lowkey driving me nuts as I try to level my second necro in a fairly short amount of time. The moment I level up, all my minions despawn and enter cooldown, which isn't exactly ideal when you're trying to fight a bunch of things.If there's a known fix for this I'd love to know about it.
  13. Seconded, I had no idea how much I wanted a penguin, or even an underwater mount at all before this!
  14. First of all, I'm going to openly admit that I don't have a very firm grasp on the impact of the upcoming balance patch, I don't play every class and don't spreak traits fluently. That said, the general feeling I got from reading over the thread seems to be "nerfs across the board" with damage in general being lowered; and I'm just wondering... isn't Anet trying to get more people into raids now with the strike missions? I've done a bit of raiding with some beginner friendly teaching groups, but it always felt like the content was a bit above my level (poor reflexes and easily stressed isn't g
  15. -Looks at other necros-... Am I doing this wrong?
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